A little late, but of course i need to update you. Raiblocks has now been changed to Nano.

It is of course good news that we were all happy to hear from the developers..

And it was probably why Nano listning on Binance was delayed.

We all are waiting for Binance to list Nano and it can happen at anytime.

So the best thing is to be prepared, visit Binance and register so that you are ready to buy when the listing happens!

Here you have the link where you can register account on Binance https://www.binance.com/?ref=25062012

This is the new Nano website https://nano.org/en

Right now the price of Nano is 16.89 USD and we all know what happens when it lists on Binance ;)

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Today we'll talk about a crypto currency that stands out from the crowd, RaiBlocks.

 RaiBlocks is a crypto currency that uses a different block chain technology, unlike other crypto currencies. RaiBlocks, a crypto currency with a new novel block-lattice architecture in which each and every account has its own block chain that delivers lightning-fast transactions with unlimited scalability. Every user has its own block chain that allows the owner to update asynchronously to the rest of the network, resulting in quick transactions with minimal overhead. Transaction processing accounts' balances instead of a transaction amount, which allows aggressive pruning database without compromising security.

 RaiBlocks toll-free and instantaneous transactions make up the premier crypto currency for consumer transactions RaiBlocks has quickly being adopted of companies that have selected to receive payments by RaiBlocks and the reason is only to RaiBlocks have no transaction fees, and sends meteoric transaktoner without compromising safety. 

All of you know how Bitcoin is to send, it takes a long time and have a high transaction fee. And who wants to pay a fee for every transaction you make between your different wallets? It is time to open more eyes to RaiBlocks and that companies are starting to get to know RaiBlocks unique features so that they can also take part of this revolutionary cryptocurrency! 

Here in the picture below you can see on the chart RaiBlocks how it's been since its inception. At the time of writing, the price of a RaiBlocks 14.26 USD and you see that there is an aggressive dip at the moment but that is about to recover. It was an equally sharp dip for all other kryptovalutorna too so it's nothing to worry about, I myself took the opportunity and bought.

Click on the links if you are interested in reading more detail how RaiBlocks works. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/raiblocks/ https://raiblocks.net/ https://raiblocks.net/media/RaiBlocks_Whitepaper__Swedish.pdf