My Weekly Wishlist #5

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1. Mala: HERE // 2. Organic Basics active tennis socks: HERE // 3. Organic Basics bra: HERE // 4. BodyLab protein pancake mix: HERE // 5. Sif Jakobs earrings: HERE // 6. Moonchild water bottle: HERE // 7. Starbucks gift card: no link // 8. Book - Chakras: HERE // 9. Blue/orange Moonchild yoga leggings: HERE // 10. Manduka hot yoga towel: HERE // 11. BodyLab protein shakes: HERE // 12. Yoga mat bag: HERE // 13. Yoga strap: HERE // 14. HAY chair: HERE // 15. Bella Beluga sweatshirt: HERE // 16. Meditation pillow: HERE // 17. Book - Atomic Habits: HERE // 18. Moonchild yoga socks: HERE // 19. Book - Free: HERE // 20. Book - Langsom Livsstil: HERE // 21. Book - Hverdagsmeditation: HERE // 22. Moonchild yoga bra: HERE // 23. Moonchild yoga leggings: HERE

Heyy guys!!

I did a lot of yoga when I was younger, and I wanna do it again, which means I (of course) needs new yoga clothing and gear! That's why lots of these things on my Weekly Wishlist number 5 are yoga gear and clothes! I'm also gonna take up hot yoga (and reformer pilates. I've actually owned the first pair of yoga leggings, but I sold them when I quit yoga, and now I regret it soooo much, because they were the perfect pair of yoga leggings, and they're also very pretty! Anyways, this was just a little inspiration on a Wednesday! I hope you'll have a great day! <3

Lots of Love, M.

Contains affiliate links