New favorite city - LONDON!!

Canary Wharf /

I just had the best weekend in London! I met a great guy on my recent trip to Croatia, and when it was possible to go spent a weekend in London and stay at his place, I had to go!

I arrived Friday around 5pm and met with him. We took an Uber to his flat, where we relaxed for about an hour and had a glass of wine, before we went out the door. We took the train to Canary Wharf Station and walked across the West Indian Quay bridge to Lobster & Burger. The place is located by the water and it was so pretty with all the lightbulbs reflecting in the water..
We both had the delicious lobster rolls and were pretty full when we left for the next place!

Again we took the train, but this time to Bond Street Station and walked to Sketch! It’s so easy to get around by train in London, but it takes some concentration to figure out all the routes - then it’s very convenient to have a private tour guide by your side!

Sketch is a must see, and I can’t believe I have visited London twice (as a grown up) without paying a visit to this place. It has 3 individual bars with each their theme, a restaurant and the restroom is pretty futuristic with egg shaped toilets, well you have to enter your own little egg to go to the toilet, ha ha... okay, it must be seen!

We went to two of the bars, our favorite one was “the Glade”, where we had some very good drinks called “Bud of May”. If you like gin, try it!

At 1am we took an Uber back to the flat. One thing I miss here in Denmark, Uber!

From “the Glade”

Saturday we got up at 10am and left to get some breakfast! We took the train to the London Bridge Station, and before breakfast we walked through the Borough Market, which is a food market! It wasn’t even noon and people where sharing sangria bowls everywhere, that’s when I realized this really IS the place for me #LOL!

The Grind, which is located very close to the food market, has a very good Eggs Florentine - as I’ve mentioned plenty of times, I am a sucker for poached eggs, yummie!! There was a lot on that menu, though, that I wanted to try..

After breakfast we decided to go shopping! #YAY! One of my favorite things to do!

In the first store we went, Selfridges🖤, the first thing we bumped into was a Balenciaga pre launch, and I fell completely in love with a pair of sneakers, so I had to buy them! #commonsense

After that we just spend a few hours in the store looking for other good items.. I love that store, it seriously has everything!!!

So much love in one picture

When we were done shopping we decided to go bar hopping, or actually we just wanted to sit down and have a drink, but we ended up going three different places.

The first place we went is called Scarlett Green and was located in SoHo (a cool area!)! It had a cool vibe, the place was full of people both upstairs and downstairs and everybody seemed to have fun! It was about 4pm and everyone was having drinks🤷🏼

I really liked the Paloma drink with tequila, pink grapefruit, soda & lime! Mm mm...

After one drink, we left for the next place - The London Edition! A 5 star luxury hotel with a very nice bar area. We sat down and had another drink and some snacks; goat cheese popcorn, olives & tartare! Just what we needed! I remember it as if they were playing classical music and the atmosphere was very calm in there..

I forgot to take pictures of the place, but you have to go see it, it’s so pretty and cozy with the ceiling and all the pictures on the wall (in the restaurant).

The third bar we went to is called The Ned. It’s also a hotel which has several bars and a restaurants on the ground floor. In the middle of the room there was a stage with a Jazz Band playing, it had a pretty romantic vibe!

Suddenly we realized that it was already 8pm so we decided to order an Uber to go home and change and go out for dinner!

The Ned

We went home, got ready, had a few glasses of champagne and got an Uber to Tramshed, where we were having dinner! We both had a delicious medium-rare steak and I really just needed some bernaise sauce to go with that! Yummie.. AND macaroni & cheese🙈 #foodiebelike

We got out pretty late for dinner (10.30pm), so we just went out for one drink after dinner at ACE Hotel.

Both places are located in Shoreditch - I love that area!

Sunday was the last day, so we got up early... just kidding! I guess we got out of bed around 10am!

We got ready and went out to rent some bikes! It was just a 5 minute walk from the apartment, and you pay 2£ and can use the bikes all day. Nice!

We biked along the river and all the way to St Katharine Docks, where we found a cute spot called White Mulberries, where we shared some very nice breakfast, mm mm mm! I definitely think that we will go back there some day.

View from the apartment👌🏼

Food to share - hallelujah🖤
(I got it my way!)

After breakfast we picked up the bikes again and on our way back to Canary Wharf we stopped at the Captain Kidd, and had a beer in the sun by the water🍻☀️ aaah...

We delivered the bikes back and went to get my luggage at the apartment, then got in the car and on route to the airport. On the way there, we had a stop in Hackney Wick, where we went to the Crate Brewery & Pizzaria and had a glass of wine. A nice “I’ll see you again soon” before takeoff!!!

I really like Hackney Wick! It looked so cool with all the graffiti everywhere and all the cool spots.. it was so crowded even though is was Sunday! I really want to go back there..

Everything about this weekend was so great and I learned that London has so much more to offer, than I knew of.. I love this City and I can’t wait to get back! I’ll be back soon!

xoxo AM

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