7 destinations in 35 days🖤

Yes you heard it right!
My travel schedule is packed and I love it❤️

My upcoming destinations are:
- Budapest
- Berlin
- Milan
- Lake Como
- Verona
- Venice
- London

Today I’m heading to Budapest on a weekend getaway with my girlfriend and momager Lea! We are going to stay at the fabulous Kempinski hotel, which we are looking so much forward to. Tomorrow we have booked a table at the 2 Michelin Star restaurant Onyx. Yay! Every foodie’s dream! One of the dishes on the six course lunch menu, that I especially am looking forward to, is the Water Buffalo Tartare❤️ #iamasuckerfortartare #youshouldknowthat

At the airport I introduced Lea to one of my “travel traditions” - a meal at MASH Airport! I love it, and so did she!

I will of course do another post about the trip - stay tuned!

In the beginning of October, I’m heading to Berlin with my colleagues. A trip that I planned, of course! We are going to stay at Max Brown hotel in Ku’damm, which is located on top of my favorite breakfast restaurant in Berlin (24/7 breakfast restaurant - a must-try!!).

My friend Ade and I are going on a weekend trip to Milan. I have always wanted to explore that city, and I can’t wait to go shopping and sightseeing in the city of fashion!!....and I love Italian food! #Yummie

How beautiful is Lake Como?👆🏼

Remember the great guy I met in Croatia? And visited in London afterwards? Yeah... We are going on a little Italian road trip, how romantic does that sound? Well, he is flying out to Milan and meeting me there, then we’ll drive to Lake Como for a few night.

Afterwards we will drive to Verona and on to Venice for a few nights, before we fly back to London for Halloween!🖤

I can’t wait to show him Copenhagen next weekend! The weather better be good🤞🏼

A lot more traveling to come, and I just can’t get enough of that! #liveinthenow

xoxo AM

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