iced coffee in the september heat

Oh, It's been some time since we talked. I guess my form of how I'm expressing my self is shifting towards more talking and less writing these days. Even though I absolutely LOVE putting text and picture together into a story, something inside of me have really fallen in love with documenting everything through video the last couple of months. It flows more natural to me to use words and my whole body to express my self these days. And I've been thinking for a long time to start up an youtube account, and start making some vlogs. So, this monday I actually started filming a little bit, and in the end of this week, I will put out my first vlog from Oslo!

Still not sure what I'm actually want to focus on in my videoes, cause my life these days is kind of.. all over the place, I guess. I'm currently working on a boat, which is what gives me an income to live here in Oslo, but I'm working towards becoming an online entrepreneur and actress this year. And then, there is this urge to travel inside of me again.. So yes, it's a lot of emotions going on these days, a lot of thoughts and planning and trying and failing. And as the planner I am, I have decided that I need to work on falling in love with the process of it all, and not constantly look forward, as I have done a looooot all my life.

Fall in love with the process, and the results will come

So I guess my youtube will be all about that for now; what I'm up to, and how I feel around all of these changes, actions I have to take, the low's and the highs of it all - how I learn to fall in love with the process of building the life I always wanted for my self.



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