ginger shot heaven

I'm not a recipe girl, and I think I never will be. I love to just play around in the kitchen and see how it goes. So yesterday, after a long day with sickness, chips and chocolate (I'm actually eating some leftover chocolate right in this moment, balance right?) I decided to make ginger shots for the first time, and they didn't turn out that bad either, so that's a win!

Ginger shots Earth By Enya style

1 ginger
1 apple
1 lime

(don't make me start on writing gram and liter and that shit, I was always an artist and never a mathematic)
I juiced the ginger and the apple in my new juicing machine, and then I added lime (just squeezing the juice out of it), and then I mixed it all with water and let it be in the fridge over night. I used a little too much water, so they tasted a little weak, but it still burned in my throat so I guess they still do the job. You can add honey, or coconut syrup if you want them a little sweeter. And I think I'm going to add cocunut oil next time and see how that goes.

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my chocolate, make some lunch and drink some coffee. the rain is pouring down outside today, and fall is creeping up on us, so there is no better day to start taking ginger shots than today. Remember to take care of your selves this fall, there is no better way to do that than eating well, varied and of course: plant based!!! Hugs and kisses from the chocolate eating healthy girl <3

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