december 6th

... a letter to the june version of my self ...

You. Are. So. Freakin'. Powerful. These. Days. 

And I feel like that is everything I need to say, but you know I love words and writing down everything, so I won't stop there. You are walking into a whole new world these days, starting seeing yourself for who you actually always have been, and not who everyone else always have told you that you are. I can see you struggling with dealing with close family and how they always seen you, and trying to stay true to who you actually are when you're with them, and from where I'm writing to you today, that is still kind of hard, because they "known" you you're whole life, they think.. But we will make it together, standing up for ourselves and they will eventually see that they never knew you as much as they thougth - that even though we love each other because we're family, we actually have to get to know each other like any other realtions every year. 

This is you. This girl you will start show up as from this month on, that is you.  And no one can actually take that away from you, they can only decide if they like it or not - and that is not your problem to fix. You can only do you, and I see that you're starting to understand that now, and it's about time you understand that the way you see and speak to yourself, heal and help others as well.  So it's time to start loving yourself and showing it, you have nothing to fear. 

You are strong enough for this journey, oh yes, you are. 

With love, the december 6th version of you. 



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