december 5th

.. a letter to the may version of myself ..

Love.. Oh, how I know that has been a challenging feeling for you ever since you were a kid. You learned a lot about love in your early childhood days. And then? You learned a lot about love without passion, and ended up learning some heavy things about how it is being abused later on in life. May 2019, and you started healing it all. I see you have planted a new seed. And for this one, I'm forever grateful. This one will grow quicker than anyone else, because this seed that you have planted in you this May? It's always wanted to grow, so bad.. But you never watered it, and actually, water was everything it ever needed to start growing fast. Already later on this year, you will benefit from this seed, you wil already have learned so much about you and how you love by august. You will face some ups and downs, think a lot about love, what kind of love you want - fall into old thinking patterns, but this seed will always be strong, because actually, you planted this seed a long, long time ago.. From were I'm writing to you now, you have found a lot of love within yourself, and you have started giving it out to others freely. May version of Enya - you were fucking brave. Thank you. 

With all the love in this world, december 5th version of yourself. 



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