december 2th

.. a letter to the february 2019 version of my self ..

.. Dear Enya. It's been a month now with a lot of going back and forth a lot. You have taken some actions for your health to become better, and trust me, the place I'm writing to you from now; your skin is almost healed now.. Myabe you don't believe it can ever go back to how it was; but it can, and you are soon there, there is just one thing you know inside your heart you need to do, but that you are avoiding: rest. 

I know you're practically raised to work, and that to not work is something you closest one does not understand. But you also know how much pain they always been in, and that for you to really heal your wounds, you need to rest. You have now done everything you can do to heal with your external circumstanses, and it's time to look deep within, and listen. I see you have this urge to be still. To begin meditating. I can see you are planting the seeds. I'm telling you, it's going to be worth it, and you're goin to see it for yourself, soon. And the most beautiful thing about this - is that you finally are going to be able to take a step outside of yourself, and see how you manifest at the end of this year. How to not be afraid to plant seeds everywhere, because they will always bloom into different flowers and trees that will help you grow, breathe and be even stronger some day. 

It's something so beautiful sitting here, almost a year after I planted this seed - and see where it has taken me, what I have grown into. When I step outside of myself and just observe, I can see the synchronicities everywhere, how everything you did this february have given you the foundation to be able to rest and look within now at the end of the year. And how much gratitude it has given you. You will soon be there - keep believing, keep pushing yourself to go out of your comfort zone and keep walking down this path. You will soon fall in absolutely head over heels love with you journey. 

Love, the 2th of December version of you. 



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