The best kitchen Ideas for the small spaces

Working with a small space? No problem! See how to make the most of the heart of your home with these smart kitchen ideas for small spaces.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how many household appliances you have?

If not, I can give you an actual figure: about 11 appliances if you live alone. That goes up to 17.5 appliances if you live in a six-person house.

If you take a quick peek in your kitchen, you'll realize most of these items are in there. After all, 99.9% of U.S homes have a fridge and 99.97% has some sort of cooking appliance. You likely also have a coffee maker, a microwave oven, and a toaster among others.

But unless you use the best kitchen ideas for small spaces, this room will soon feel cramped and packed. Especially if you plan to get a few more cooking tools and equipment.

Don’t worry though. That’s exactly what I’m here to share with you!

Keep reading to get your creative juices flowing with these space-saving kitchen hacks!

1. Install a Ceiling Mount for Your Pots

Pots and pans are some of the biggest, bulkiest items in the kitchen, making them harder to store. You can stack them on top of each other, but avoid doing this if you need to store them somewhere above your head. They can come crashing down and cause serious head accidents.

One of the best small kitchen design ideas to address this is to use a ceiling mount. These are safe and secure mounts that hang from the ceiling, saving you cabinet space. You simply hang your pots and pans on their hooked ends.

Aside from being space-savers, these mounts let you display your entire pot and pan set in one area. You can see right away which saucepan to use or which frying pan to get. If you store them in a cabinet, you may have to take them all out first before finding the exact pot you need.

2. Use Wall-Mounted Racks or Boards

My best small apartment kitchen ideas are all about saving space, which is why I recommend wall racks. They're like ceiling mounts, except you secure them on your bare walls. They're a great way to get your kitchen stuff organized while also giving you more storage space!

Depending on the theme of your kitchen, you can go for wood or metal racks or boards. They're sturdy and capable of holding heavier items, such as these filled DIY cookie jars. They're also great for storing items you often use in the kitchen, like plates and utensil holders.

3. Hang Your Most-Used Supplies

Magnetic wall mounts are also a must for small kitchen designs. You can hang up your knives here, so you won't need bulky, countertop knife holders anymore.

Hooked wall mounts are also great for other utensils, like ladles, turners, and tongs. You can even use these to hang up spatulas, graters, can openers, and whisks.

If you still have some wall space left, hang your very own DIY chalkboard where you can list grocery items. Aside from being convenient, chalkboards look cool and are thin, so they don't need much space at all.

4. Organize Your Stuff in Tiered Pull out Drawers

In need of smart, space-saving kitchen cabinet ideas for small kitchens? Then get the most out of your counter cabinets by installing tiered pull out drawers! Most of them are available in two or three tiers, but both allow you to maximize your cabinet space.

These drawers use ball bearings, which make it easy to slide the organizers out. This eliminates the need to rummage through all your stuff.

Make sure you choose durable and scratch-resistant pull out drawers though. Also, consider stainless steel, to ensure that they won't rust if you forget to dry whatever you put in them.

They’re also easy to disassemble, so it's easy to take them out if you need to replace your counter. Speaking of which, if you're unsure if it's time for a new kitchen counter, you may want to check out this post for more info.

5. Use a Door Rack for Your Bakeware and Boards

If you don't want to install pull out drawers, consider hanging door racks instead. You simply hang this on the inside of cabinet doors, and they're great for thinner, flatter items. You can use them for cookie sheets, muffin pans, and chopping boards.

6. Take Advantage of Your Fridge Door

If you use a lot of spices and dried herbs for cooking, organize them in magnetic tin cans. You can then hang them up on your fridge door to save precious cabinet or pantry space. Make sure you label them so you know which is which!

7. Keep Less-Used Stuff on the Very Top of Cabinets

If there’s a small space between the top of your cabinet and the ceiling, use that for items you don't use that much. You can put them in pretty containers, like a wicker basket, which looks great in kitchens.

8. Consider a Portable Island or Cabinet

A portable kitchen island or cabinet is also great for a small apartment kitchen. First, because they're not a permanent fixture, which may go against your contract. Second, you can move them around, say to another room, to free up more space in the kitchen.

You can even wheel them outside if you're having a BBQ! You can use their surface like a countertop or a make-shift table.

9. Bring Some Green In

To make your small kitchen even warmer, cozier, and welcoming, bring in some potted herbs. You can put them by the kitchen windows or make your own DIY hanging leather plant carriers.

10. Invest in Proper Kitchen Lighting

Install lights over and even inside cupboards to make your kitchen feel and look bigger. Skip dark curtains and go for sheer fabrics, which let more sunlight in. The more sunlight you get, the better, as this makes your cooking space more inviting.

Use these Smart Kitchen Ideas for Small Spaces to Beautify and Save Space

Having a tiny kitchen doesn’t mean you have to put up with a cramped, cluttered space. So long as you follow these kitchen ideas for small spaces, you can maximize the space you have. Besides, they're not only smart and space-saving - many of them are also pretty!

Want more creative projects to improve your home? Then feel free to check out my other DIY home projects! I update it regularly with new tips and ideas, so you may want to bookmark it too.



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