Making a Splash: The Top Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

Are you looking to get your pool up to par this summer? If so, check out this guide to learn about the top summer pool maintenance tips.

Swimming pools make a beautiful addition to any home and backyard.

Millions of people around the country enjoy having them for exercise and leisure purposes. Indeed, there are 10.4 million residential swimming pools in the US today.

Clearly, people love having them as part of their household.

However, a swimming pool must be maintained properly. A bit like having a pet, there’s no point getting a pool if you don’t look after it!

No-one wants to jump into dirty, grimy water, with debris floating in it. It’s unsanitary, a little gross, and, ultimately, dangerous under certain circumstances. Instead, this summer, you want to make sure your pool is at its best!

Want some advice on how to do it?

Keep reading to discover 7 top summer pool maintenance tips.

1. Skim Your Way to Success

Skimming is the act of clearing the debris from the water top.

Unless they’re indoors, exposed swimming pools will always get some debris on their surface. From falling leaves, twigs and bugs, to random unidentifiable items…you’ll come across all manner of things on (and in) your pool.

It goes without saying, but you should skim the pool as much as possible. This is particularly important in summer. After all, it’s more likely to be used more frequently.

No-one wants leaves or bugs in their face when they’re doing their front crawl. Use a hand skimmer to get rid of them all.

2. Empty Out the Skimmer Baskets

Strainer baskets need cleaning too!

Be sure to take the time to regularly empty them of any detritus. Once a week should do the trick. Thankfully, it shouldn’t take long.

Simply locate the basket in the pool deck (for in-ground pools) or on the side. Next, remove the basket and do what you can to dislodge anything in there. Shake it, scoop it, spray it with a hose, and so on. Finally, re-attach it to the pool.

3. Clean the Filters

Filters perform a vital role in your pool.

Any dirt and detritus (that evades your skimming) get sucked through it. In doing so, the filter keeps the pool cleaner for longer.

However, over time, the dirt builds up and will impact the filter’s performance. You have to clean the filter so that it can clean your pool!

That said, there is such a thing as over-cleaning the filter too. A mild degree of dirt helps attract more dirt to it. In essence, if the filter is too clean, then more dirt will get through.

Stick to the recommended guidelines that came with the pool. What if those are long gone? Well, another indicator that it’s time for a clean is a spike in flow between the flow meter and pressure gauge.

4. Monitor and Maintain Chemical Levels

This is a vital part of swimming pool maintenance.

To do it properly you’ll need a pH level testing kit.

Be sure to get your hands on one if you don’t already (learn more about pool supplies here).

Test the water approximately once a week. Essentially, your task is to keep the water between a pH level of 7.2 and 7.8. That’s the perfect balance for safety and cleanliness. You don’t want the water to be excessively alkaline or acidic.

The reading will tell you which chemical, and how much of them, to use to get the right balance. Get this step right and your pool will need far less chlorine.

You know you’ve been successful when the water:

  • Looks pristine
  • Has no smell
  • Doesn’t excessively irritate eyes and skin

5. Maintain the Water Level

Anyone with a new pool may be surprised to realize how water levels fluctuate so much!

Of course, this is a natural part of having one in the garden. People jump and splash around, spilling the water over the sides. Obviously, the levels reduce as a result. Likewise, particularly hot and sunny summers will see dwindling water levels due to evaporation.

On the other hand, heavy rainfall can increase the water levels too.

It’s important to get the right balance. The level should never get lower than the skimmer. Ideally, it should sit about midway up it. The pump is sure to suffer if the water level falls below this. Refill the pool as required. Simply use your garden hose to restore the correct level.

6. Vacuum Inside

As it happens, vacuuming isn’t reserved for inside the house!

It’s just as important in the pool too. Of course, don’t try using the same hoover for both…

Instead, a pool vacuum is another important means of cleaning the water. Nicely, regularly vacuuming the pool will lower the number of chemicals it needs. You can find automatic and manual versions.

While the vacuum is doing its job, try cleaning the sides and tiles down too. The walls can have accrued algae and calcium deposits as the weeks go by. Brush them down to prevent both from forming.

7. Keep the Pool Sides Clean Too

The water and pool structure itself aren’t the only things to keep an eye on.

The area around the pool can become dirty over time too.

With excessive use and build-up of dirt, the pool deck can start to weather. You may see rust and/or grime around the outside. This problem is more aesthetic than anything else.

Taking a power cleaner to the area can be an easy means of cleaning it all up.

Final Pool Maintenance Thoughts

There you have it: top pool maintenance tips to keep your swimming pool in perfect working order this summer!

Millions of people enjoy their household pools every year. As summer comes by, pools are the perfect way to get some exercise and wile away a fun-filled afternoon.

However, first, that’s only true when the pool is kept in good working order! The water should be safe, clean and sparkling to look at. Hopefully, this article has pinpointed the tip means of making it happen.

Keep them in mind this summer and you’ll be loving your pool all season-round.

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