Look Stylish with the Classy Spring Outfits

Do you want to look stylish this spring but need some help getting there? Click here for a handy men's style guide to get you looking snazzy this season.

After a long, cold winter, we all want to break out in colors and skin-baring clothes! It's time to put away puffy, shapeless fashion and functional footwear and embrace the time of rebirth.

For men, designers showed many exciting looks on the runways for Spring 2019. Whether you choose one or two for a wardrobe refresh or decide to swap out the whole lot for a brand new appearance, here is a list of ten tips for how to dress well this season. Enjoy this up-to-the-minute men's style guide!

1. Pastel Colors

Real men do wear pink...and purple, lemon yellow, and peach. Brighten up your wardrobe with a selection of loose short-sleeved button downs in a range of Easter egg colors.

Pastels also look fun on the bottom, in slacks and shorts. Wear them to a summer barbeque or cocktail party on the beach.

2. Windbreakers

With the rise in athletic wear for every day and every occasion, a windbreaker jacket is a great option which goes with just about anything. Either zip up or pullover styles come in a rainbow of colors.

They are also lightweight and easy to pack or throw in a briefcase or duffle so you are always prepared for a spring shower or outdoor excursion.

3. Boots

Runways from Stockholm to New York showed some incredible looks for 2019, including boots in all shapes and shades. From the Birkenstock space boot to platform clogs, the concept of fashion footwear for men has exploded to include everything under the sun.

Western boots for guys are also making a comeback, in pastel colors no less.

4. Cool Shades

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder what the best look for eyewear is? No matter what your budget, every guy needs a new pair of sunglasses for the summer months.

Sunglasses also serve a health function: if they are properly made, they screen out the harmful UV rays which not only damage your eyesight but also cause wrinkles and crows feet!

This year's men's styles include aviators, like those worn by Tom Cruise in "Top Gun." The crossbar style is also hot.

New trends include a wider range of colors than the usual brown and green.

Change up your look with a few different pairs, which you can alternate for different occasions.

5. The Preppy Look

The preppy look is back, reviving a timeless trend that some guys have never stopped wearing. Focused on classic styles in durable fabrics with sophistication and whimsy, the preppy look is great for country clubs, golf courses and work functions in addition to a night out on the town.

Polo shirts and khakis (see #7) look clean, crisp, and masculine, worn with a pair of nice loafers and no socks, of course.

Part of the preppy look is matching accessories with mainstays, but not too formally. Because the style embraces bright colors, you need to try to pair your plaids and prints with solids. Make sure there is an underlying theme- for example, if your plaid shorts have a red streak, wear them with a red sweater thrown over your shoulders or a red belt.

This guide will help you match patterns and shades without clashing.

6. Patterns

Speaking of patterns, go ahead and brighten up your monochromatic clothes with splashes of bright vibrant plaids, polka-dots, and duckies. Preppy clothes especially showcase funny patterns on shorts and pants, like those favored by golfers.

If you are too timid to go full-scale pattern, you can add some colorful socks or a patterned belt to add a splash of fun to your outfit.

More bold fashionistas can pair wildly different plaids or patterns for a truly exuberant look. You aren't going to fade into the background when you mix and match this way!

7. Khakis

Khakis serve a function in springtime, as well as laying the foundation for a classic and manly appearance. The light fabric and easy fit make them suitable for any weather, and their neutral palette allows you to pair them with bold colors on top.

They flatter a nice tan as well!

This year's style leans towards a higher waist and no pleat.

8. Short Shorts

No more skater looks or baggy cut-offs. Short shorts from the sixties are back, showing off those toned legs you worked so hard for all year.

These shorts look great paired with a nice polo shirt and a pair of sneakers or sandals. Just remember- no white socks!

And hit the tanning booth if necessary - if those gams have not seen the light of day since August.

9. Double Breasted Blazers

Springtime is when you may have to dress up for weddings and graduation parties. This year men's fashion has declared that the double breasted look is back, harkening back to the eighties, power suits, and Gordon Gekko.

You can opt for a loose and casual seersucker or light khaki suit, paired with a popping pink belt and white buck shoes. Or a classic gold button double breasted blue blazer over plaid shorts for a fun collegiate style.

10. Athletic Sandals

Tevas are no longer just for triathlons or windsurfing. Combining comfort with an urban sensibility, multi-strapped waterproof sandals have entered mainstream fashion. You can even get branded models from designers like Prada!

These shoes look great with a nice pair of jeans, shorts or a bathing suit. They will last in the mud and sand through any excursion.

They also provide the support and ankle stability you won't get from a pair of flip flops or slides. You can get them in a lot of fun colors: besides the basic black, you can go for ones with neon piping or bright soles to kick up the style quotient a notch.

Men's Style Guide: Classic and Trendy Together

Whether you are trying to impress your lady or show the boss how well you present yourself, you need to pay attention to your attire. Let everyone see you know how to dress well by choosing modern yet classic staples highlighted with fun details like patterned socks, cool sunglasses, and other accessories.

Keep this men's style guide handy whenever you get dressed!

For more tips on how you and your girl can look good all year round, check out our blog.



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