How to Put Yourself in a Positive Mood After a Bad Day at Work

Ever had a bad, stressful day at work? It's hard to get into a positive mood on those days. Try this simple technique

You had another bad day at work again and can't seem to shake it off. You can either...

a) Crawl back into bed and hope tomorrow is better

b) Buy some ice cream and cry to sad movies all night


c) Continue reading to learn about all the tips and tricks you can use to brighten up your mood

The ice cream might be tempting... but it's just a distraction from the actual problem.

Learning how to get yourself in a positive mood is a tool that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Continue reading to learn about changing that bad mood to a positive one!

How to Get Back Your Positive Mood

It's a bit unrealistic to say that if you follow these tips, you will never have a bad day again. However, these tips will help pull you out of that funk from a day that dragged.

Wouldn't you rather be active in helping yourself than continue to let the stress and negative emotions add up?

Top Things to Do to Be Happier

Getting over that negative mood can be hard, but the items on this list aren't!

It's time to make a change, let's begin.

1. Practice gratitude

This one is pretty easy. All you need is a paper and pen or computer. Start brainstorming a list of all the things that you appreciate in your life.

The items on your list can be pretty much anything or anyone that makes a positive impact on your life.

It has been shown that stress hormones become 23% lower for a person who practices gratitude. With less stress on you every day you will be able to deal with a bad day at work easier.

2. Surround Yourself in a Positive Environment

This one may be a bit more difficult but the idea is to surround yourself with as many good things and people as you can in your life.

Limiting gossipers and negative people (at work and in your personal life) will help improve your mood.

Another part of your environment is your home, use these useful tips to get your home to be a comfortable place for you.

If you surround yourself with good, the more you will be able to focus on the positives.

3. Build Self Confidence

Getting through a bad day at work can be especially hard if you don't have confidence in yourself.

One way to work on this is by writing a list of your top accomplishments and personal strengths. Reflecting on these personal achievements will help change your perspective to a more positive one.

When you are stuck in a bad day you can look at this list and remind yourself of all your accomplishments, pushing out the negative thoughts of self doubt.

4. Get out of the House

If you want to get your mind off of the terrible day you just had, one of the best ways to do this is by taking a walk.

It has been shown that walking just 10 minutes a day can boost your mood. If you are struggling to get up, check out our blog to help give you fitness inspiration.

More ways to get motivated are by joining a sports team or taking walks with a friend. Both of these options hold you accountable to show up, which means you will be more likely to get that mood boost.

5. Get a Hobby

Having something to do that you enjoy after a long, tough day may be just what you need to cheer up.

There are an endless amount of hobbies that you can take up to be in a good mood.

One hobby is creating your own blog. Many people find this therapeutic because it gives them the chance to be heard and say what they want.

Other options may be joining an athletic team, reading, cooking, or collecting something you appreciate in life.

6. Give a Helping Hand

Helping others has been shown to improve your mood for many reasons.

Not only does helping others give you a sense of satisfaction and purpose, it can also help your overall health.

There is a chain reaction that occurs when you do something good, you end up having a positive mood and are more likely to focus on gratitude.

Smiles are contagious, it's time to give one so that you can get one.

7. Reflect on the Day

I'm not saying you should dwell on the problem... and you should probably do this after winding down a bit.

Reflecting on the day is important in order to get past the day because it gives you a chance to find out what went wrong and how you can handle the situation better.

If you are someone who is rather hard on yourself you can always do this with a friend.

Talk about how you felt when things went bad and brainstorm ways that you can prevent the issues from effecting you again.

Sometimes when we reflect, we realize it was out of our control. If that is the case, the only thing that you can adapt is how you react to those situations.

Start Living Your Happy Life

If your mood is dependent on you and only you, wouldn't you want to take the right steps to better it?

Staying in a positive mood can be a struggle when work is piling up, deadlines are coming sooner than you thought, and you feel drained.

Happy things are all over the place that you can surround yourself with to pull you out of that hole at work.

Continuing to let the negatives pile up will only create more bad days in the future so it is important that you are actively doing things to make you happier.

Sometimes we just need that little bit of motivation to help us through the bad days.

Check out our blog to see how you can create a better work- life balance for you to begin your happier life.



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