Consider These Factors When Buying a Case

A suitcase isn't merely a container for keeping your personal belongings when traveling. It's the foundation of your mobile wardrobe, and it could influence your travel style and clothes greatly. With seemingly endless shapes, styles, and shades, choosing the appropriate suitcase for your traveling requirements might seem like an overwhelming task.

To help you recognize the selling points of a prospective case purchase, this list reveals what to consider when looking for the perfect case.

Features to Look for in a Suitcase

Hard Shell

If protecting the inside contents of your case is a major priority, then overlook the soft-case segment and go straight to the hard shells. At the airport, a bag passes through the luggage belt and cargo area. Having a tough exoskeleton decreases the likelihood of breaking valuable, camera equipment or thoughtfully chosen gifts.


Airports usually impose huge baggage penalties and fees for heavy baggage. Therefore, it's imperative that the bag you buy is adequately lightweight even when it's empty. Even seasoned travelers who are proficient at packing lightly struggle with not surpassing the weight requirement.

Hard-topped suitcases are frequently lightweight, but ensure they're adequately durable. When buying brands such as Briggs & Riley business cases, you can choose from a wide range of products that suit various needs.

Durability and Construction

When it comes to selecting the best cases for ease of travel and durability, Travel Outfitters won't disappoint. They offer a wide selection of brands from which you can choose suitcases with varying features.

When shopping, look for cases comprising fiberglass inner frame that's lightweight and strong. If you're considering a fabric suitcase, the best material is ballistic nylon. If you travel considerably, there's a chance you'll get caught in the rain, so ensure your suitcase includes some type of fabric protector coating.

Besides these features, consider the case's wheelability. While four-wheeled cases can spin 360 degrees and are easy to maneuver, two-wheelers are ideal for clearing curbs, sidewalks, and uneven surfaces.

The Wheels

When selecting a suitcase, this should be the first thing to check. This element undergoes the most abuse and when they break, it can be an inconvenience. Since the number of wheels is about taste, it's advisable to purchase rubber-made wheels rather than plastic.

Also, verify whether it's possible to substitute them individually in the event that you have to. Brands such as Briggs & Riley business cases offer different options when it comes to the wheels.

Types of Suitcases

The Handbag

When you select a messenger bag, satchel, a briefcase, or attaché, the handbag you decide to carry on must hang easily from your shoulder and be able to fit beneath the seat in front. It's advisable to have one shoulder bag at any given time.

Duffel or Weekender Bag

A weekender bag is precisely what it sounds like. The duffel bag can hold sufficient clothing in case you're going for a weekend getaway. In case you're traveling by rail or car, the bag is excellent for getting you where necessary. Additionally, it functions well as a second carry-on for longer excursions or trips where you have to pack additional gear or clothing.

If you're looking to buy a suitcase that meets your unique needs, Travel Outfitters offers a wide range of cases in different brands.



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