9 Secret Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Anywhere

How much traveling would you do if you could consistently book cheap flights to anywhere? Check out our top tips for booking cheap flights now.

According to the International Air Transport Association, annual air passenger numbers soared to 4.1 billion in 2017. Airlines connected more than 20,000 city pairs, which is more than double the number of cities connected in 1995. This increase in air traffic is attributed to lower airfares and improved global economic conditions.

The average citizen flies once every 22 months. In the early 2000s, it was once every 43 months.

Flights are accessible in almost all parts of the world and this has resulted in more people exploring the world. However, air travel comes with a few challenges one of which is finding cheap flights to anywhere you want to go.

Use the following guide to learn how to save money on flights.

Secret Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Anywhere

Traveling to a destination for leisure, education, seminars, etc. tends to constitute the bulk of your trip budget. This is why it’s advisable that you opt for cheap flights as it will significantly reduce your expenses. Here is how to get a cheap flight.

1. Try Flash Sales

Getting that cheap flight is all about timing. Do your research and figure out when the prices dip and when they rise. Be on the lookout for flash sales. These often happen when airlines do not meet their expectations in terms of ticket sales.

The airline will slash the ticket price by up to 60% for several days hoping that the demand will soar.

2. Search In ‘Incognito’ Mode

Almost all travel websites and flight search engines use cookies to remember your browsing history. This might seem convenient when it helps you monitor ticket prices over several days. However, it also means, you don’t get to view the lower prices.

When in incognito mode, the website cannot use the tracking cookies to remember your browsing history. Thus, you get to view even the lowest prices available.

3. Use 3rd Party Sites

If you have traveled for quite some time you obviously know the best way to get a cheap flight is to use best flight search engines. Look for search engines that compare ticket prices of different airlines to your preferred destination.

These search engines will not only be easy to use but also list third-party booking sites. You will still have to purchase directly through the airline’s website but at least you know which airlines have the best rates.

4. Use Travel Credits

Most airlines offer rewards to customers for using their services. These rewards can be in the form of loyalty programs that accumulate miles traveled with the airlines. They also offer discounts and promotions to their loyal customers, which helps make flights cheaper.

You can also sign up to a travel rewards card and ensure that you spend enough to earn you points as you travel. Preferably, sign up for a card that will earn you points that are redeemable across various airlines.

5. Avoid Flying Direct

While most travelers are stuck on how to find cheap flights to anywhere, they are oblivious of the fact that direct flights are quite expensive. For example, if you want to travel to Amsterdam, you will find that it’s cheaper to use a connecting flight from London than flying directly.

The trick here is flying a larger carrier and switching to a budget airline on the last stretch of your journey.

Open a flight search engine and search for flights to your destination. Look for flights to nearby cities and compare the prices. Then compare the prices between the two cities.
Calculate if the total cost of traveling using two airlines is cost-effective compared to using a direct flight.

6. Have Flexible Travel Dates

Plan for your holiday or vacation but have flexible travel dates. You see, prices will often fluctuate depending on the day of the week. For example, flights before a major holiday like Christmas are cheaper than flights on Christmas day.

Charter airlines to exotic places such as the Bahamas also work the same. For example, if a charter airline sells about 70% of the seats, the airline can decide to sell the remaining seats at cheaper prices.

A travel operator typically books the whole the flight and sells the tickets to travelers. If the seats do fill in time, the travel operator will reduce the price to fill the remaining seats.

Learn more here on how to get cheap international flights to the Bahamas using charter airlines.

7. Fly Budget Carriers

Booking an international flight with an expensive airline for the top-of-the-line amenities is often not cost effective. If you are going to travel to a different country, it’s best that you save your money for use when you land. Book a flight with a budget airline such as Southwest Airlines, Air Transat, Norwegian Air or Air Asia.

Some of these budget airlines charge as little as $250 for a one way trip from Europe to Bangkok. Be on the lookout for any additional fees that may increase your travel cost.

Compare the additional fees plus the ticket price to the ticket price of a larger carrier. Sometimes, you will find that the budget airline is more expensive than the larger carriers are.

8. Book Your Flight Early

More often than not, ticket prices will increase as the date to your departure nears. This, however, depends on the demand for the air tickets to your particular destination.

In some cases, you will find that those who book flights in the last minute get better deals. The best way to get a good deal is by booking 1-2 months before your departure.

9. Book Using Travel Agents

While travel agents are thought to be expensive, they often have some of the cheapest deals you’ll ever get. Most of these agencies have agreements with airlines that give them access to cheaper flights.

Be sure to do your own research before booking with using a travel agent.

Are Cheap Flights to Anywhere Worth the Hassle?

It depends. If you feel you have enough money to splash on expensive flights then do it. If you want to have enough left to enjoy your travel destination then a cheap flight will do it.

The key to getting cheap flights to anywhere is doing research. Compare the prices, time spent, the number of layovers, amenities, and services offered before you can pick out an airline.

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