7 Key Things to Know Before Visiting the Dominican Republic

Have a travel plan and checklist before going to the Dominican Republic. Keep reading for 7 key things to know before visiting the Dominican Republic.

The Caribbean is a paradise destination which many people dream of visiting. One of the most attractive travel destinations in the Caribbean is in the Dominican Republic.

What should you do there? What should you know before going? These are essential questions that you should solve if you want to make the most of your trip.

Have a travel plan and checklist before going to the Dominican Republic. Keep reading for 7 key things to know before visiting the Dominican Republic.

1. When Is the Best Time for Visiting the Dominican Republic?

Knowing the best time to travel to the Dominican Republic is paramount.

Although it’s a real paradise, the time usually varies from season to season!

The country is close to the equator and enjoys a tropical climate. The temperatures are between 26 and 30 degrees celsius throughout the year. On the other hand, the volume of precipitations is divided drastically into two seasons a year.

The best time to travel to the Dominican Republic is between December and April. That’s when the least rainfall occurs.

Between May and November, however, the rain is abundant and there’s even the possibility of hurricanes.

2. What Steps Do You Have to Take for Peaceful Travel?

The next step is to prepare a series of things before leaving home. You must make sure you have a valid ID and passport.

When entering the country, it’s necessary to acquire a tourist card. It has a cost of 10 dollars. Whether you come by land or sea, you must use it.

The official currency is the Dominican peso. You can exchange it in banks and hotels.

On the other hand, you should also bring American dollars to pay tourist fees.

However, you’ll always have the option to use your credit card to avoid making several currency changes.

3. What to Pack?

You have everything ready! Now you must know what to pack. You need to bring a few essentials along with your documentation, money and the travel itinerary

The first thing is an electric adapter. The voltages there are 110-120 volts. Therefore, you need a transformer to charge the batteries and have everything ready for the trip.

Also, carry a mobile phone and a camera.

Health in the Dominican Republic is complicated. Therefore, bring a small emergency kit with necessary medicine. They’ll help you if you need them. Include analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines, and ointments.

Finally, don’t forget to bring sunscreen to protect your skin, hat, and sunglasses. You can wear several swimsuits and, in general, fresh and light clothing. If possible, wear cotton clothing.

Above all, anti-mosquito repellents are essential!

With these few tips, the preparations for your trip will be of great help to you once you’re in the Dominican Republic

4. Dominican Time Is unique

Are you a punctual person? Do you try to arrive before the stipulated time to a meeting?

While in the Dominican Republic, you’ll have to learn is not being punctual.

The only time you will see a Dominican punctual is when it comes to charging you money.

5. What Is the Dominican Republic Known For?

The beaches!

Are you looking for a beautiful destination to visit during the summer? A place where you can enjoy a good cocktail, snorkel, dive and spend a good weekend at the beach?

Then, it's time to call your airline and buy your ticket to enjoy the beaches in the Dominican Republic

Here are some of the beaches found in the Dominican Republic.

  • Isla Saona: This beautiful island is located in Cotubanamà Park in the southwest area.
  • Playa Bonita: It’s one of the best crystalline beaches in the Dominican Republic.
  • Cayo Levantado is also known as Bacardi Island: it's known for its beautiful scenery.
  • Playa Rincon: Located on the Samana Peninsula, it has I4 kilometers of white sand and crystal clear waters.
  • Playa Grande: It’s Located in the province of María Trinidad

These beaches will make you want to visit the Dominican Republic during your vacation.

6. Local Food and Drinks

Drink a little Mamajuana! This is not marijuana, it's Mamajuana! It's a signature drink in the Dominican Republic!

It’s an alcoholic drink traditionally made at the homes of Dominicans. They use red wine, rum, local leaves, honey, and bark to make it.

It was initially invented in the 1950s as a tonic to cleanse the kidneys and assist in the food digestion process. This tasty mixture is an aphrodisiac, and it's jokingly known as liquid Viagra.

Today, you can purchase a bottle of Mamajuana or produce it yourself.

You’ve got to try it!

There's a small weekly workshop in Punta Cana with all the materials for guests who want to make Mamajuana.

What Are the Most Popular Dishes in Dominican Cuisine?

The Sancocho is the official Dominican dish. This refers to broth loaded with meat and vegetables.

Other dishes include Mangu, white rice, stewed beans, chicken, Tostones, green salad, and the Dominican cake.

Note that is that both breakfast and lunch are strong dishes in Dominican customs. However, dinners tend to be lighter.

Here, you’ll find more details on the Dominican food.

7. Travel Insurance Coverage

It’s vital that you buy an insurance package with several covers.

Are you planning to take insurance cover for your trip? It's critical that the insurance covers all the expenses related to an accident.

This doesn’t necessarily refer to traffic accidents only. You never know where something will happen to you.

Although nothing should worry you, it’s important to note that you can’t predict what will happen. So, it’s imperative that the insurance includes repatriation in case of an accident.

The most common annoyance in the trips is the loss of property or delays or cancellations of flights.

Insurance companies give you compensation for all this type of unforeseen travel. Depending on the type of coverage you hire, the benefit will be higher.

In short, it’s important to purchase proper travel insurance!

Bottom Line

Every trip has its ups and down. However, it’s good to know how you’ll cope and get the best possible experience. Visiting the Dominican Republic is an exciting experience for holidaymakers.

It’s full of amazing beaches, mouthwatering dishes, and fantastic scenes.

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