Reading can provide additional information and perspectives on patients. Here's a list of some essential readings for Alzheimer's or dementia caregivers.

It can be lonely to be a caregiver. Especially when it's for a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia. More than 45 million families are facing that reality. It's helpful to know that others have been through and felt the same emotions on the journey.

Many caregivers find comfort from the words of others. You can learn valuable information about what to expect in the future in other's experiences.

Books discussing the struggles of dementia caregivers and offering tips for how to make the struggle easier are a great resource.

There are a lot of books out there but it's hard to know where to start. We've done some research for you and had a healthcare professional who works with dementia patients pick their favorites.

Check out our list of essential readings for dementia caregivers.

1. Dementia Caregivers Must Read: Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer's Disease by Ronald C. Petersen

The Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer's Disease is an excellent place to start because it will help you gain a better understanding of how the brain thinks and what happens to it when someone has Alzheimer's or dementia.

It's hard enough to cope with this diagnosis but can be nearly impossible if a person doesn't comprehend the changes the dementia patient is going through.

This book helps interpret the medical jargon that can become overwhelming to try to figure out, especially when a loved one is newly diagnosed.

2. The Forgetting: Alzheimer's: Portrait of an Epidemic by David Shenk

This best selling book is also the basis for a documentary entitled The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer's.

This book offers valuable information in many areas of life with Alzheimer's including personal stories, some history on the disease and a look at the world of Alzheimer's research.

3. The Spectrum of Hope: An Optimistic New Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias by Dr. Gayatri Devi

This book makes our list because it offers a refreshing and positive perspective on the journey of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. It can be easy to become consumed by the responsibilities and losses associated with a diagnosis and providing care but it's important to find the joy in the journey.

This author provides stories of hope and enlightened perspectives for families facing this reality. This is also an easy read because she breaks down the medical terminology so those with only a basic understanding of the disease develop a deeper concept of the medical side of dementia.

4. Activities to Do with Your Parent Who Has Alzheimer’s Dementia by Judith Levy

Beyond the daily physical care of someone with dementia, you also want to provide the best quality of life possible each day. It can be difficult to find appropriate activities to enrich their day which is why this book makes our list.

Judith Levy provides a comprehensive and awesome book filled with ideas and suggestions for dementia caregivers to connect in a meaningful way with the individuals they care for.

You can find her book and the details of other great dementia caregiver resources through support groups, dementia care organizations, and from healthcare providers.

Many of these books are available through these organizations or at your local library.

5. Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? by Roz Chast

"Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?" made the New York Best Seller list as a lighthearted and comical look at the tender and difficult journey of loving someone with dementia.

Roz Chast is a cartoonist and storyteller that brings a unique and humorous view to parents aging and the struggles of losing them mentally and physically.

This is a great choice if you need to find the laughter through the tears of your journey and be able to see the humor that only another who has been there can truly understand.

6. Creating Moments of Joy for the Person with Alzheimer's or Dementia: A Journal for Caregivers by Jolene Brackey

It's important to remember to laugh and find joy in your day no matter how overwhelming and stressful it becomes. You need to prioritize self-care to be able to care for others and Jolene Brackey's book can help you do that.

It is filled with wonderful and effective tips for communicating and connecting with your loved one when they are suffering from dementia. Learn how loving lies can be more helpful and kind than hurtful truths.

Find ways to find the joy in moments you share rather than spending your time striving for the perfect day.

7. The Dementia Handbook: How to Provide Dementia Care at Home by Judy Cornish

Judy Cornish founded the Dementia & Alzheimer's Wellbeing Network after leaving a career in law to dedicate her life to dementia-related education and awareness. She has given TedTalks, written books, and provided support to countless families facing the world of dementia care at home for their loved one.

This book is one of the best selling books about dementia on Amazon and is recommended by many authorities in dementia care. It is an easy and relatable read with many helpful resources, tips, and suggestions on every question you didn't even know you had regarding dementia care at home.

Dementia Caregivers Need Care Too

After trying a few of our suggestions for books for dementia caregivers make sure you take time to indulge in self-care. Read a book that gets you lost in another world, head to a paint night with your friends or take the kids in your life to the movies.

It's critical for you and your loved ones that you take care of your physical and mental health so you can feel and be your best.

For easy access to tips on looking and being your best make sure you bookmark our blog.



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