15 Second Job Ideas for When You Need More Cash Fast

Looking to make more money fast? Use these ideas to find a second job that's flexible and fills your wallet with the cash you need.

Did you know that up to 4.9% of people in the US work a second job? It should come as no surprise, seeing how the economy continues to fluctuate.

If you’re not in a good financial situation, you might want to find easy second jobs. Your health is still precious, so it’s important to get a job that doesn’t stress you out. That’s why the internet is a blessing since you have endless opportunities if you know where to look.

Are you ready to learn some second job ideas? If so, read on and find out more today.

1. Online Surveys

There are websites out there that pay to get your opinion. Often, finishing one survey will pay you between $0.50-$1.25, with new surveys popping up each day. There are premium ones out there that will give you around $5 if you qualify for it.

2. Blogging

This is a great side job since you can do it at your own convenience. It isn’t the quickest or easiest way to make money, but it offers a lot of opportunities. For example, you can sell your advertisements or become an affiliate for major business products.

3. Sell Your Stuff Online

Do you have old belongings gathering dust in the attic? If so, you can try selling them in online stores like Amazon. It’s easy to list your items, and it’s often surprising how expensive old stuff are sometimes.

4. Sell Gigs Online

There are micro-selling websites like Fiverr that lets you sell almost any kind of random project. You can offer things from design work to random video testimonials for a brand. If you devote enough time, you can even earn about $10,000 for all your gigs.

5. Make Crafts and Sell Online

If you’re more on the creative side, you have a platform to sell these crafts. A prime example of this is Etsy, where you can sell to people who like collecting unique, handmade products. The most popular ones are paper goods like personalized cards.

6. Online Coaching

Aside from blogging, you can become a coach with the use of the internet. It’s a lucrative business, especially when you possess a set of skills people like. Even seemingly mundane skills like social media management can fetch you a good price.

7. Online Freelancing

The internet is a trove of freelance work. There is an endless number of platforms like UpWork that can help you connect to clients. If you’re savvy with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’ll get a high-paying side hustle.

8. Publish eBooks

Is writing your passion? If so, you should try writing an eBook and sell them in online platforms like Amazon. This is a good alternative to blogging, as long as you keep the creative juices flowing.

9. Sell Stock Photos

A lot of great photographers often make this as their side hustle when the projects are slow. There are tons of stock photo sites out there that look for contributors. You’ll get paid a royalty whenever they sell a photo you took.

10. Website Testing

There are a lot of major websites that will pay you to test out their new website. There are platforms online that look for users that give feedback to websites. These platforms allow website owners to post gigs, and all you need to do is to make an account and start rating websites.

11. Make an Online Course

If you have a skill to teach, you can always make money out of it by making online courses. These days, there are online courses for just about any skill. Make your course and change the pricing to a margin that feels right for you.

12. Apply as a Virtual Assistant

This side job is perfect if you’re into technical writing, social media, and blogging. As a virtual assistant, you will help run other people’s sites and social media profiles. A great feature of this job is that you can put in any amount of time for it.

There are a lot of major businesses out there that use virtual assistants for their websites. It’s convenient for most owners since it frees up time that some tasks take. It’s a good second job that helps you earn money while improving your skillset.

13. Teach English Online

Do you have a degree from an American University? If you do, you can make online tutoring as your main source of income. You can get platforms like VIPKid to connect to children from countries such as China or India.

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14. Rent Your Car

Don’t let your unused vehicles rot in your garage. You can use online platforms like Turo to make it earn you money. You can list your vehicle within 10 minutes and get it rented by people near your area.

15. List Your House Online

If you’re traveling a lot, chances are, some parts of your home are often vacant. In that case, you can always use platforms like Airbnb to list your available spaces. The bottom line is that you have the potential to earn more money if you let people use your extra spaces for a reasonable price.

Get a Good Second Job Today!

There are a lot of opportunities to earn money using the internet. Most of these side hustles aren’t too stressful and can actually become fun in the long run. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can use this list to start off with the search for that dream second job.

But whatever you do, ensure that what you’re applying for is legitimate. There are a lot of scams out there, so do your research beforehand and you’ll be fine.

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