We all have them days or weeks of months when we are like shit were skint we have no money for another 4 weeks or however long everyone payday works there always hope!

I have been in the situartion were i had no income 3 months streight look i have a alot of debt and alot of bills at the young age i am today! now it made me cry made me upset made me feel like a idiot omg my bills or debts going to think i am offically worthless and they are going to cauee me issues thinked like that for weeks possible even months now let me tell you communcation to all your banks direct debits standing orders all your debt it does work wonders it is is one amazing TIP!
Now i offically have over 8 bills per month and all needed paying all owed money to i finally said i am offically giving up whats the fucking point i cant afford to be paying all these with no income struggled so much and just kept crying to myself and others about these situartion so i finally had the guts to call all my bills debts everything i pay and have to pay it was so scary because just didnt want them thinking how much of a foul i am or wasting there time and they was so understanding and supportive and i was honest and truthful about my situartion they was happy to listen and they understanded and allowed me with lee way to get back on my feet and call when i was ready i was so scared on loosing my car and phone just litterly everything but people do listen and understand we cant be perfct everyday cant expect to have that payment every month unemployed can happen loosing family members having no income just believe in yourself you will get there in the end and nope inless we are rich and we get millions every month but still we will always cope with the situartion and do speak with your people u owe money or need paying keep roof over your hear communcate with them you he sirprised how supportive and understand because u had then good will to actualy tell them and to be honest! Thanks guys for whoever is reading this will be another one tomorrow another drama or title speak soon. Bye Bloggers!