In today’s busy world, no one has time to take care of their health and results in various illnesses. Everyone wants to live a healthy life, be fit and be look good, but such goals are hard to achieve now more than ever.

Watch out for those extra pounds which creep up on you

Nobody else can take care of our body but ourselves. Today, our lives promotes sedentary lifestyle and weight gain is something that is growing like algae in pond. Obesity is very harmful because it triggers many other diseases. Here are a few tips on how to shed those extra pounds the right way.

1. Be careful search online tips to lose weight as most of them are gimmicks that may do more harm than good. Because everyone has their opinions and we have a free press like the internet, it’s easy to get lost and get confused. Everyone who’s someone seems to claim expertise and want to share their “opinions” but often are not factual. It’s best to get advice from a trusted source who can weigh both sides of all dogmas that are present today as even the PhD experts are confused when it comes to diet and health.

2. Remember, movement is just as important as eating a healthy diet. It’s important to build muscle and get rid of excess fat that are unnecessarily loading your joints and wreak havoc to your overall metabolism.

3. Avoid the liquid diets and rigid diets! Although they seem to be alluring due to its promise for fast results, those results are only temporary and often do more harm than good.

4. Don’t watch the digits, watch the inches. Weight loss can’t be measured in pounds as water loss can also lead to weight loss. So, measure and keep an eye on the inches.

Metabolism plays an equally important role

Efficient metabolism is at the core of a healthy body. A great metabolism leads to an effective digestion, which limits the food to be deposited as fat which clearly helps to efficiently use food as fuel.

How to boost your energy levels?

We all have a friend who eats more that you, but is leaner than you. Well this is all because he/she is blessed with a great metabolism. Exercising, healthy eating and a overall balanced lifestyle are a few things which can help you to increase your metabolism, resulting in an increased energy level. Imagine feeling like you can do anything!

Don’t forget to take care of your skin and organs

With a healthy body it’s important to have a healthy skin as well. I was the epitome of health and was diagnosed with Lupus which affected my skin (malar rash and hair loss) which was devastating. Healthy glow means shiny healthy hair and glowing skin free of blemishes.

Nowadays there are many people who are getting affected by Lupus. Lupus is a complex autoimmune disease and one of its major symptoms is rashes on the skin. In lupus the immune system starts attacking healthy tissues and organs and can be prevented by cultivating a balanced Alkaline Method© lifestyle as mentioned above. This is what inspired the Alkaline Method© and the Alkaline Programs.

Know more about Lupus

Do you have a question as to how is Lupus Treated, then read below.

1. If you suspect Lupus due to skin lesions, rashes, hair loss, and severe fatigue, etc, then seek a Doctor right away.

2. Get the proper diagnosis. This process can take up to two years in some cases.

3. Begin the Alkaline Detox Protocol right away prior to diagnosis to prevent a full blown disease diagnosis. I wish I had the resources back when I was going through the process of being diagnosed. I feel I would've prevented it if I utilized what I offer to you today.

4. You need to take plenty of rest and also the medicines prescribed by the doctor and take a proactive approach by working diligently on your health.

We believe that every disease can be reversed and prevented. Through our Alkaline Method© approach you can minimize your risks of disease and begin creating health to live a life that’s full of abundance. Its important to heave a healthy mindset, stay fit, and follow the Alkaline Detox Protocol and plan in conjunction to your medical intervention. I’ve worked hard to undo the damage that the medications did to me by working diligently to build my health again. It was possible for me and it’s possible for you.