This morning I woke up with this idea to do a photo shoot. 10am, I started to get ready, hair, make up, clothes... Then I spent 30 minutes begging my little sister to come with me and be my photographer. I always hated to take pictures of myself with a tripod and self-timer. Maybe it's because I have this need to give directions (that will explain the reluctance of my sister about shooting me). Anyway, after plenty of "please, please I love you so much" and blackmail, my sister finally accepted to come with me.

For a while, I wanted to do new pictures about myself and start a blog. However, it's always the same thing, life duty, no time and lots of laziness. At the end, you do nothing but just staying in your comfort zone. But today was not a kind of boring and annoying day, rather it was a day full of ambition and determination for realize my thoughts. As you can see (or not), I tried to ensure that shooting looks like a Dolce&Gabbana cover (haha, how humble?). I love the storytelling of this brand and I always admired their ads, therefore I decided to pick some clothes in my wardrobe to make a quick Dolce&Gabbana inspiration look.

I wanted to make this look slightly "casual", so I wore my favorite Jeans to give to this look a "normal day" way. To finish this outfit I mixed clothes of my wardrobe I'm in love with.

Crown// Jennifer behr
Earrings// H&M old collection
Off shoulder top// Souvenir from my Caribbean Holidays
Jeans// Levis
Shoes// Zara