Of course, every student dreams of earning extra money, whether it be for some entertainment or as extra funds for the future. However, students need to spend time on learning during the day, and during the evening, it is time for homework, assignments and essays. Commonly, a student usually has no time for a regular job on a standard schedule with eight-hour working days. That is why more and more students choose to start their own business, because in this case, the student is the boss and can build a personal schedule as it is convenient.

Choose a promising and interesting trend for you

Be sure to explore the prospects for development of your product or service. Consult with experts, a close circle of people, and get some feedback.

Realize that age is your advantage

The period in life of being a student is one of the most productive times to create a startup. It is never too late to start a business. But why do students have advantages? They are not burdened with family, and they have the ability to take risks. It is important for students to use this time for self-development and to move on.

Assemble a team of professionals

The project team may consist of its founders and people interested in the growth and promotion of a new business. Each team member is responsible for a specific area of the product, which involves: the main author, designer, programmer, lawyer, economist, marketer, etc.

Don’t be afraid of competition

The product from young creators, in fact, will be competitive if they offer new services or products on the market, and if the idea is well developed. Professional investors usually hire a team and buy a product, as it is much easier than gathering again a new team, because the people they hire are not likely to be totally fond of the project, like its authors are.

Look for startup platforms for presentation

There are many areas where entrepreneurs and investors can “meet and mingle.” The most popular are AngelList, Fundable, Gust, Startups.co and Kickstarter.

Some Ideas You Can Implement Right Now!

Food truck

Due to the heavy workload during the day, most people have no opportunities in the working days to prepare a complete meal by themselves, and some just like to try a new and delicious food. The popularity of this field will ensure the availability of clients. And the convenience of fast food trucks is that you can choose any location for the point of sale during the day, but if you do not like it, there is always an opportunity to "move" to a crowded place.

An ideal method would be to place your mobile food truck next door to an institution or office building, and a steady stream of customers at lunch time is guaranteed. It is convenient to open a business when you have a car that can be equipped with a mobile point of sale. You will need to buy kitchen equipment for the preparation of fast food.

Of course, this business requires some daily expenses for the purchase of products. And, ideally, you will need a partner who can replace you, if necessary, together with whom you can comfortably build your schedule and learning. The range is desirable to make one of those dishes for cooking that do not require a lot of time. It can be burgers, fries, snacks, and salads.


With a blog, you don’t need extra money to invest. Just start a new site on a free platform and write your first post. You may not be a perfect writer with genius ideas, but such activities like sharing your thoughts about college life or things that interest you may lead you to an idea for a startup. Or, perhaps posts about a topic that you are fond of will gather people that subscribe to your blog. Then you may receive new propositions about collaboration, launch paid ads, etc. Also, use this helpful article https://essayshark.com/how-to-write-a-good-essay.html to improve your writing skills.

Graphic designer services

Here you have a variety of ideas to choose: designing banners for events, creating business cards, creating a calligraphic inscription for wedding invitation cards, designing logos for companies and for websites, etc. If you are good enough with graphic design, you will surely find your own sparkling idea for your own startup. 

Fitness training

Today it is very fashionable to be slim and fit, so you can begin a career as a fitness trainer even at school. You don’t need special equipment – you need a constant desire to be fit and help people with becoming fit and healthy. It will be ideal if you will have your own touching life story about how you changed your life and soul with exercises.

Nutrition services

Many more people today tend to think about healthy living, but only few of them have enough time to learn more about healthy habits and lack the strength of will to change their everyday routine and habits. Constructing meal plans with grocery checklists is in demand – all you need is to read some reliable books about healthy products and their combinations and cookbooks.

Online learning

Here are two options: developing a site or application for schoolers, or developing a program of online courses for everyone. In the beginning, it may consist of learning games or test preparation services. Boring books won’t attract people; only interesting and extraordinary presentations of information and new ways of learning will work. For the second case, ask your friends and classmates about what things they want to learn or have tried, but for some reason failed. Maybe you will find a good answer on how to help them and other people in successful learning of new information.

Personalized clothing & styling app

This application will solve one of the most common problems among women – what to wear today. The application will contain all pieces of a user’s wardrobe, including accessories and shoes. According to the user’s mood, preferred colors, weather forecast and situation, the program will pick for you the most suitable variations. Also, as an additional option, the application will advise you on new clothes from your favorite stores which will improve a certain look.

Touristic services

If you have a great opportunity of getting an education at a college, situated in a place with great history and tourists that constantly visit it, the startup option is for you! All you need is to learn more about the history of the city, search interesting information about particular buildings, and find engaging stories from the lives of the city's residents. Besides excursions, you can design a map of interesting places, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, as this map will surely be popular not only among tourists, but also among locals.