Solid wood furniture has long been regarded as ornate, expensive, high quality pieces of Rattan double rocking chair. They can last for hundreds of years with proper care, and the price that the very best pieces fetch is well worth the beauty that solid wood furniture brings to the home. The problem for many people, however, is that those pieces are also top price. A very affordable solution for many of those people is the availability of veneer pieces. Even though furniture can be expensive no matter what materials they are made of, veneer is still cheaper than a solid wood piece. Quality is sacrificed, in many instances though.

All of the different pieces of solid wood furniture that are exposed are made up of the same species of all natural wood. There are no other materials such as particle board or plywood that are used in this furniture. Many people buy solid wood furniture because it is both very practical and extremely durable. Even though pieces that have veneer are popular and are less expensive, they still might have some parts made out of real wood and have the veneer as the outside layer.

Solid wood furniture is so durable because the wood can easily be repaired. Dings, dents, water marks, and scratches can easily be filled in, replaced, or hidden. If it is really a beloved piece that has extensive damage, it can even be re worked, repaired, and re stained by a professional when that is needed. Even though some repairs require work that is more expensive than just repairing a scratch, it is still easier than buying a new piece that is made with veneer, and keeping the original wood composition preserves its quality.

Although this type of furniture is ideal, many people may not have the financial means to fill their home with solid wood pieces from top to bottom. This is why a huge amount of furniture is made with veneer. The look of Solid wood rocking chair is replicated without the price. Although wood is durable, it does expand and contract depending on the humidity of the air and the temperature as well. The furniture can crack if it becomes too dry for too long, and little care steps must be taken to prevent damage to it, like using a coaster when you set drinks on it to prevent ruin to the finish. Constant sunlight or direct heat will damage solid wood furniture as well.