Women's Shoe Styles For The Modern Age

You can never have enough pairs of shoes, right, ladies?

Footwear plays a huge role in a woman's style and helps to elevate her look to the next plateau. Of course, seasons come, and seasons go, and trends also make their presence known, but most of us want shoes that people notice when we walk on by.

You're stepping into a new decade when 2020 rolls around, so we took a look at women's shoe styles for the modern ages. Hey, you may want to make some room in your closet for these happening styles.

Mary Janes. These classic shoes have been around since the 1920s, and children wore them first. This feminine shoe features a "bar" or a single-buttoned strap across the top of the foot. The heel is usually low in a traditional pair.

Fashion footwear forecasters believe that the Mary Janes will make their mark in a big way come spring 2020. Top designers like Carolina Herrera and Marc Jacobs sent their models down the runways wearing higher-heeled, colorful Mary Janes with tights.

Floral Patterns Another dainty shoe type making headlines is the floral pattern, and get ready to see this girly footwear taking center stage in contemporary times. Anna Sui and Tory Burch are two designers who are hot on the trend and featuring lovely floral patterns for footwear in all kinds of shades and floral print sizes. Some have bows and others have straps.

The look is a little hippie, boho and sweetly feminine.

Sophisticated Sneakers. These are definitely modern times, and our footwear tells the story. Today, if you invest in a great-looking pair of designer sneakers, you can create numerous ensembles that look fresh and current.

Leather sneakers are so comfortable and can elevate your street-style instantly. Celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski likes pairing her white trainers with a matching crop top and skirt. The sneakers also look lovely with maxi dresses, with silk and head to toe monochrome outfits.

Summer Sandals. If you've enjoyed seeing super fancy sandals, there are more on the way. Embellishment is a big deal no matter how high or low the heel is. From rhinestones to feathers, beading, buckles, sequins and stones, summer sandals are must-look at footwear. Lace-up sandals are another way to amp up the fashion.

The trend continues for contemporary footwear, lending a boho, exotic vibe to summer sandals.

Heavenly Platforms. Platform shoes are back in a major way with heights of a heavenly nature. You're bound to see this modern trend from small towns to big cities.

Apparently, the chunkier the better, say footwear fashionistas. If you're petite and looking to gain some instant height, this 70s shoe trend is for you and coming full cycle now.

Women's shoe styles are never boring, and it's fun to look into the future to see where the latest trends are taking us. You can have the fanciest dress or the coolest garment to put on, but if your footwear isn't turning heads as you step out, it's time to go shopping!

As television shoe icon Carrie Bradshaw liked to say "When one door closes, a shoebox opens."

Yes, indeed. A woman's love for shoes will never die.



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