Promo codes are every shopper's best friend. Once you've started getting the hang of using promo and coupon codes, there's no turning back again. Your entire shopping experience will only get better. Thanks to technology, the ways of giving out and using promo codes have improved tremendously as well. Gone are the days when the only means of using promo codes to your advantage is by shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. Even with online shopping, you can use promo codes to your benefit.

To maximize coupons from sites like GoPromoCodes, you have to learn how to use them strategically. More than just the financial savings that will enjoy, effectively using coupons has to do with a more efficient means of shopping, especially when shopping online. That said, here are some of the instances when you should use these promo codes online:

1. When It's Shopping Season

Take out a calendar right now and look at all the months of the year. As you browse through the twelve months, you'd know when it's shopping season, wherein you have to do the most shopping, though this is determined on an entirely personal basis. What may be the shopping season for others may not be the same case for you. However, in general, the peak of the shopping seasons are at the start of a brand-new school year, during thanksgiving or Black Friday sales, and on Christmas.

When you're nearing these shopping seasons, you might want to consider the convenience of shopping online. Especially when you're busy, you should shop at your convenience, and you don't even have to worry about the long lines on the counter. To make the shopping experience even better, use your promo codes during these big purchases.

Bulk shopping for Christmas gifts, for instance, can be costly. It can work to your advantage when you have some financial assistance in the form of your promo codes. You can get a discount on your total bill, or you get to enjoy a buy-one take-one promotion. You can also count this free item you receive as a gift. That's one less item to pay for! Or you might have a promo code for free shipping.

2. When It's Sale Season For The Brand Or Store

When you're shopping online, stores usually have different sales seasons. Most of these come together during a change of season, for instance. However, some stores have it for longer than others. Anniversary sales are also different for every store. If you've been meaning to buy something from your favorite store for a long time now, go ahead and shop! Most notably so when they're on sale on their website, and you've got a promo code to match.

One of the best tips you can follow is to use your promo codes on top of a sale item as much as possible. This is also one of the advantages you're going to gain from online promo codes. Often, websites are more generous with their promotions such that they allow you to apply promo codes even on items for sale. That way, you get to enjoy an even better deal for your purchase.

3. When There's Something You Really Need To Buy

Another practical way for you to use your promo code online is to use it on things that you really need to buy. For instance, you needed to purchase new shoes for your children, as they're going to soon outgrow the ones that they currently have. Because it's something that you need, you can go ahead and buy one immediately since you have a promo code to match the purchase! Shop online if you have to. Often, store websites also have more options than their physical stores. Plus, you also wouldn't want to be inconvenienced by going to a physical store looking for the same pair that you found online but isn’t available in the physical store.

If there's anything that you have to buy right now, go ahead and get it. Even when you're busy and time isn't on your side, you can still shop online.

4. When The Promo Code Is Nearing Its Expiry

There are instances when you may have a promo code with you but, unfortunately, you never get to use it because you didn't have the time to head out and shop. When your code expires, that's when the need to shop also starts piling in for gifts to purchase, household items to buy, and the like.

Thanks to technology, shopping can now be done at whatever time of the day, and anywhere! This allows you to have a stress-free shopping experience! Even while you're on the train on your morning commute, you can go shopping on your mobile phone. Hence, if your promo code is nearing its expiry, go ahead and use it as you buy online. A word of caution, though: read the fine print of your promo code. Be sure that you're allowed to apply the code even on online purchases. If you are, then use it. Don't let your promo code go to waste.

5. When The Promo Code Offers You Free Shipping

One of the drawbacks pulling shoppers away from shopping online is the shipping fee. Even if a store is having a sale, you sometimes don't get to save as much on the total amount because of the shipping fee that you'll have to pay. Hence, if you have a promo code that allows you to enjoy free shipping when applied, go ahead and shop. More so when there are things that you have to buy. Now, you can finally enjoy shopping at your convenience, minus the worry about the added shipping fee.


To get the most out of your promo codes, you've got to put in effort in your planning process as well. As much as you might be tempted to use your promo code right away when you first receive it, it might also be better for you to wait it out for a little bit. For your utmost convenience and efficiency, shopping online and using your promo codes when doing so is one of the best ways for you to go. Use this list of tips to guide you as you start shopping online, and you'll be on your way towards bagging the best deals that you can have.



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