What do smartwatches do?

In the 21st century, nobody uses analog watches, and with new technologies coming up, people want to be faster and smarter. Smartwatches are the simplest solution to all the problems these days. Earlier, people would use a watch as a fashion accessory but now, a watch is not just limited to seeing the time, but it has many other uses. A smartwatch can solve all the problem easily. It can be used for making calls, sending messages, playing different tunes, checking email and receiving weather alerts.

Smartwatches are built on software and this software system can be easily hacked by application developers. There are many possibilities of having such advanced technology on the wrist. These smartwatches are tech-friendly and people just love the different advantages that it is providing. This watch can solve complex problems in only a few seconds and that too with just a click. People can access information smoothly and the best part is that both the hands are not occupied.

Smartwatches are a portable, touchscreen device which can also record heart-beats and other essential signs. It’s similar to a mini-computer. Smartwatches are used for outdoor activities and its light in weight which can be used in an adventure or sports tool kit. These watches can be of two types like the one which is used for the daily purpose and the other, which is used for a specific purpose.

The daily purpose ones include Apple watch and Google-powered Wear OS device. These watches are dependent on the smartphone because it cannot work without them.To cite a few examples, hiking watches, diving watches, flying watches are some of the smart watches preferred by individuals today. There is a high market growth for smartwatches and it will continue to increase in the years to come. The major things which a smartwatch can do are:

•Notifications: All the important events and activities will pop up a notification on the smartwatch as an alert or reminder. For this system, the phone needs to be connected with the smartwatch as there are different types of notifications. All the phone notification will be mirrored on the smartwatch. These watches now have an added fall sensor. While the person is wearing the watch, this fall sensor can sense the subsequent movements and by any chance, if it is unable to do so then it will send a series of escalating messages. If there is no response from the person, this watch will have an assumption that an injury is caused to the person and hence, it will send an alert to the authority.

•Applications: Just like a smartphone, a smartwatch can display all the applications on its screen. The ecosystem of applications may vary because they are either connected to Apple or Google environments. These watches are used for some dedicated purposes like trekking or diving. The application helps in doing such tasks on time.

•Management of Media: Media playbacks and music applications can be managed by the smartwatches when it's connected to the smartphones. For example, people using the iPhone with its AirPods can manage the volume and tracks through the Apple watch. This helps people in doing multi-tasking jobs.

•Message answering by voice: It is funny to hear but such a thing earlier would happen in movies or cartoons. However, with advancing technologies, this is true in real life too. These fast-running smartwatches are running on an operating system. It can be either watch OS or wear OS operating system. This helps in voice dictation through the watch.

•Tracking the fitness: This watch is something which is a must for hardcore athletes. Similar to a fitness band, this watch has many functions which a fitness band cannot give. These watches can monitor heartbeat and are also equipped with a pedometer which acts as a fitness tracker.

•GPS: These watches have a GPS tracker which helps in tracking the locations and it can send or receive specific location alerts.

•Battery life is good: Smartwatches have better battery life than smartphones. They would work throughout the day. The battery life depends on the brand of the smartwatch. They can generally work for 18 hours on a single charge.

Smartwatches play a major role in people’s life. It becomes a part of their life. Anyone can rely on these watches for any situation. It has all the features which are required in today's world. With the fast paced life, people need some unique technologies which can match their standards of living. The brands at regular intervals come up with upgraded versions and features of the smartwatch.