What are the important things to know before trying out Microblading?

Eyebrows are an essential part of our face and it is something that enhances the facial beauty. Girls spend so much time on waxing, threading, and filing their eyebrows. You must have seen people using eyebrow gels for brow growth. All this is done to enhance the look and define the eyebrows. Microblading is the current trending style because it promises a permanent solution. It has low maintenance and has become the go-to treatment for girls. Albeit it is a costly procedure, it has received huge appreciation and enthusiastic reviews from all over the world. Eyebrow Microblading in San Diego is one of the best salons to get this treatment. However, before you head towards a salon, you must be wondering wheth

er it’s a good option for you or not? In this article, all the information related to microblading has been summarized for your convenience!

Not everyone can do microblading-

Microblading cannot be done by everyone. For example, nursing mothers or pregnant women cannot do microblading. This treatment was meant for people who are suffering from the loss of brow hair due to chemotherapies or skin disease. However, one needs to keep in mind that patients suffering from cancer have to first complete their treatment because there’s a high infection risk. Speak to your doctors if you take blood-thinning drugs before getting the procedure done.

Consider your skin type because it’ll determine the time of healing-

You need to consider your skin type before taking this cosmetic treatment. This is because the healing time is different for different skin types. So do your research or consult a dermatologist before taking these services. Though this treatment is suitable for all skin types, people with dry skin will get the best results. Also, the pigment stays for a longer time and touchups aren’t frequently needed. On the other hand, people with oily skin type will heal softer because of excess oil content in their skin.

Microblading doesn’t prevent the growth of natural eyebrows-

There’s a misconception about Microblading that the procedure hinders the growth of natural brow hairs. This isn’t true at all! However, the outcome of the procedure depends entirely on the professionals. This is one of the reasons why you should take this procedure from experts only. If the process is done correctly, it shouldn’t impact on the growth of the natural brow hairs.

You’ll experience pain in the first layer of microblading-

Most artists perform anesthesia before starting the procedure. Though the process isn’t painful at all, you might face redness or swelling in your skin after the completion of the process. You should immediately consult with your doctor and the artist if you face too much swelling or redness.

There’s a difference between traditional tattoo and microblading although the process is more or less same-

In traditional tattoo and microblading, the only common thing is that tiny needles are used for depositing pigment on your skin. The difference between the two is the pigment depth that is deposited on the skin. A machine is used in traditional tattoo and it works deeper on the skin.