Wedding rings or bands are indications of married couples. However, it may be more than a pretty bauble worn on the ring finger. Couples may see their wedding rings as a symbol of unity, trust, companionship, and love with their partners. You might be on the search for that perfect wedding ring with which to exchange your vows during the ceremony. If so, here are five wedding ring trends you might consider following.

1. Wedding Rings with Colored Diamonds

Which finger do you wear your rings on? Many couples would like to wear their wedding rings on their left ring finger. Many people believe that this finger has a close relation to the heart. Thus, putting a ring on it that signifies a long-lasting bond with another person means you hold that individual close to your heart.

Now, left-handed people might consider wearing wedding rings with colored diamonds. The different colors may signify different meanings like:

Champagne/Golden Brown - A commitment to find and maintain celebrations together

Pink - For a flawless marriage

Yellow - Pure love

White - A classic yet everlasting bond between partners

The colored diamond will shine with your dominant left hand when you move it. It presents a unique beauty that may last for generations, like your commitment and love to your partner.

2. The Halo Rings

Halo wedding rings are excellent for partners who are considering to wear large gems on their ring fingers. The halo ring design encircles a gemstone in its center. Jewelers may craft diamonds at the center of the ring. However, couples may decide to customize their halo rings with unique gems to help symbolize their everlasting relationships.

If you’re considering halo rings as your wedding rings, check if the design you want is right for you and your partner. Look for factors like:

●Pavé color

●Number of halos

●Material of the band


●The center gemstone

●Cut of the center gemstone

Ask your preferred jeweler for halo ring choices, and if the business offers customization options for your wedding rings. Last, consider matching your ring with a compatible wedding dress for both pieces to shine during the ceremony.

3. Split Shank Wedding Rings

The shank of the engagement or wedding ring refers to the band encircling the finger. Many shanks are round, but jewelers can create rings with unique shank appearances. For instance, a split shank splits in two, wherein these parts converge to the center gemstone.

Halo wedding rings may also have a split shank design. Conversely, specific couples may decide not to have a large gem at the center of their split shank rings.

The split shank wedding ring design may also symbolize two meanings: sophistication and balance. Its construction will have the shanks lead to the center, which may or may not contain a gemstone. It’s a unique yet fluid appearance excellent for that distinct married life.

4. Scrollwork Wedding Rings

Couples may want to keep the classic appearance for their wedding rings. If so, then consider getting scrollwork rings for you and your partner. These rings have a decoration with spiral lines or patterns. The band plays with the ring finger to emanate a vine wrapping around the skin of the wearer. Several scrollwork designs exude a sense of vintage offering that may provide an extra romantic touch to the wedding celebration.

Various scrollwork rings also have an ornate appearance that helps create a playful and unique feel. These wedding rings may be an excellent option for couples looking forward to their married life filled with beautiful surprises.

5. Plain Wedding Bands

If you and your partner are going for a simple wedding celebration, the plain bands may help create a timeless appeal. Its classic look also comes with excellent versatility as you can express your relationship in its purest form.

Couples seeking to symbolize their bond with elegance and purity may consider getting the plain wedding bands as their life-long symbolism for their married lives. Specific wedding band designs may even offer customizable options for wearers to add a few models when desired.

The plain wedding band also offers the option to have your names engraved on the ring. So, it gives you a constant reminder that you’ll always hold your partner near-and-dear to your heart.

Part of the wedding planning procedure is to choose the right rings. Remember, you and your partner are going to wear these rings for life. Thus, it’s essential to choose the right wedding bands or rings to help symbolize the bond between you and your spouse.



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