Wedding and Bridal Shower Photo Ideas You’ll Love Using Foam Board Printing

There’s nothing new about the wedding and bridal showers, but there is no denying it; attendees love hamming it up for the camera. To make your big day one for the books, you’ll want to come up with fun-inducing photo ideas that everybody loves. This does have to be an arsenal of wedding photo props. No! But, a sentimental memento, whimsical element, and, of course, a sweet foam board sign are enough to take your photos to a level next to none. That sounds complicated? But, have no fear! That’s precisely what we do every single day! We’ve compiled creative foam board printing ideas to help you create stunning wedding and bridal shower photos in an easy way. Check them out!

Instagram Selfie Frame

You know how most people love posting and sharing photos on social media, right? But, what about posing on an Instagram selfie frame? That’s totally cool! Social frames are significant elements to make your guests remember your big day for a long time. Coupled with the event hashtag and a short message, they will inspire guests to share the good moments with the world. Everyone present will live to reminiscence how they were photographed in a Facebook or Instagram selfie frame. You can take the experience to a whole new level by hiring a reputable printing company like us at Foamcoreprint to print Twitter or Instagram photos tagged with your unique hashtag.

Wedding photo props

Fun wedding props are a must! Much like bridal shower props, they are a great way to add a little humor to the wedding photos. However, there is an overwhelming range of props. Choosing the right one can help inspire incredible snapshots. Common props you wouldn’t want to miss in your big day include life-size stand-ins, amusing emoji props, and a unique cutout photo frame. Whatever you choose, it should reflect your mutual interests as newlyweds.

Foam board Signs

A foam board sign is another innovative way to take your wedding and bridal shower photos to the next level. It is very practical especially if you’re not entirely confident standing in front of the camera – signs give you something to do with your hands. The design must clearly express your wedding-day mood. More importantly, the message on it should be sweet and subtle and spell out how you feel for each other. After all, it’s the simple details that will really make a big difference in a wedding.

Newlywed Stand-up boards

Nothing breaks the ice better in a wedding than a stand-up board. Like a prop, it presents a fun opportunity to tickle everyone present, mingle and capture lifetime memories. Although the stand-up board may have numerous face-holes or any design you want, it must blend well with the event theme.

Polaroid Cut-Out Frame

Of course, your wedding or bridal shower wouldn’t be complete without a Polaroid cutout frame. It’s just what you need to make your celebration feel extra fun, and photos look great. The attendees will have their memorable souvenirs of the event by posing on photo booths, however they want. Its portability allows people to take photos in different places. The best thing is that the border makes Polaroid frame photographs synonymous with instant prints.

Foam board printing near me

Whether it’s on your wedding or bridal shower, ensure everyone remember the fun by having the coolest photos.At, we can make that happen. We customize, print and ship your Instagram selfie frame, foam board sign, wedding photo props, and more to help you make lasting memories on your wedding. Get in touch today!