Usage of Eyelash Extensions - Debunking myths with pros and cons

Eyelash Extensions are a great way to make oneself feel good when you see yourself in the mirror with long and thick eyelashes. However, there are a hundred myths that we are going to find if true or not about Eyelash Extension Supplies in this article.

When we talk about Fake Lashes, the first thing that comes up in mind is if they are going to last and be worth it or am I going to waste my money for just one day of fun. If you have such doubts as well then you need to read this article to the end to understand types of eyelashes and their pros and cons.

Should I use Eyelash Serum or Go with Fake Lashes

A lot of times you can wonder whether eyelash serum for lash growth is better for yourself or should you use instant fake lashes to get a stunning look. Speaking logically, Eyelash Serum is more a long term kind of thing but it also requires constant usage; daily in most cases without any stopping and there is no guarantee of when you are going to get the results you desire plus there is no surety that the results are going to be the way you expect. On the other hand, Eyelash Extensions as we call of Fake Lashes can get you exactly the look you imagine without such long waiting and good lashes can last for as long as 14 days or more.

Having said that, why not learn if Eyelash Extensions are worth it or should you really go with Lash Serum, by the end of this article you will be able to decide.


1.Makeup Restriction: The usage of Eyelash Extensions would need you to stop usage of certain makeup products and you must be ascertain that the products you use are not Oil Based as oil based makeup product’s oil can be responsible for damaging the bond between fake lashes and your original lashes this will eventually decrease the life of your fake lashes.

2.Damage on Original Lashes: If you go to a salon with improperly trained of unprofessional staff then there is a big chance that you are going to damage your original lashes as they mostly use clusters or pre-glued lashes that are heavy and would be hazardous for you. The pricing of such salons is always cheaper and may even be just $50 to $70 but it is not worth it considering the price is your original lashes.

A proper salon charges from $100 and always uses glue best for your lashes after properly analyzing your original lashes.

3.Infection: Just like it is imperative to keep hygiene at utmost priority when you go to a beauty salon, you should also consider same for when visiting a lash salon. The artist who is doing your lashes has to be a skilled professional with a good sense of hygiene, the tools used should be properly sanitized and environment has to be clean.


Freedom of choice: When applying eyelash extensions, you have freedom to decide from various lashes (i.e. faux, minx, synthetic, silk, etc.). The freedom of choice of how you look is what holds eyelash extensions business together, you can make them look like any celebrities’ eyelashes if you want. Eyelash Extension Supplies have a broad market and variety, cause your choice matters.

Say No to Mascara or Eyeliner: When you are using Eyelash Extensions you no longer have to use Mascara or an Eyeliner, many ladies find it extremely appealing, considering the fact that applying mascara every day is kind of a pain and consumes some time especially in morning when you need to rush, we must also not forget the irritation some of us may have to go through when lashes are removed or applied using Eyelash Adhesive.

Long Lasting: Good extensions lasts for weeks and make your life hassle free for quite some time. If your eyelash extensions do not last for long enough, then you must consider changing your lash artist or the supplies used.


Considering the fact that Lash Serum for eyelash growth is not always how one imagine it due to unpredictable results, one can easily opt-in for eyelash extensions to make life easy. The cons when compared with pros are just negligible. So, go ahead, reach out to your artist with confidence to get your eyelashes done.

This article is cited from experiences of real-life lash artist, Tasha Land, Founder of Infinit Lash Products.