Understanding the Various Types of Earrings

Earrings are a great fashion statement. They come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing the right dress to wear can be frustrating; however, it is even more frustrating, not knowing the right pair of earrings to wear to complete the look you want.

For instance, you may be considering an office or workplace look, a social gathering, an office party, or just an outing with your buddies. Therefore, wearing a suitable pair of earrings can transform your look from good to better. You do not want to rock a pair of earrings and completely mess up your appearance.

It is always vital to understand the type of earrings you select according to your facial features and the place you are wearing it. It is imperative that the jewelry you have on aid you in making the wanted impression.

Therefore, below are three classifications of the various earrings you can wear to match your look.

Types of Earrings 1. Drop earrings

These earrings include the long silver earrings, which hang below the earlobe. They accentuate your look by adding compli

mentary beauty to your dressing and your facial features. The long silver earrings fit in this category of earrings.

The earrings are usually of various shapes, with varying designs and widths. They are colorful and hence are mostly worn with casual or business wear.Neutral gold or silver of these earrings are a brilliant investment since they match almost all the outfits.

They are simple; hence the simplicity in them makes them look stunning. You can always source these earrings from online stores, retail stores, and the sterling silver wholesale market.

2. Chandelier earrings

It is a combination of a stud with an elongated drop that dangles below the ear. Usually, a metalproduct, but you could find sparkling gemstones or other precious stones engraved on them.

You can adorn these types of earrings a fun night out, a royal event, or a night out with your particular other, as they suit such occasions.

You can pair it up with your traditional wear, jeans, or your darling dress. A wedding or an engagement party can also provide the best venue to embellish yourselfwith chandelier earrings.

3. Hoop earrings

It is very renowned and can fit both casual or formal wear. They are often round ins shape or oval. However, some take the shapes of triangles and squares, but this is only meant to add some twist to these hoop earrings.

If considering a business trip or a less formal activity, you may want to consider the hoop earrings.They are as multipurpose as the studs and can pair with any of your casual outfits. Large hoop earrings are only matched with a casual outfit, but the small hoop can be worn in an office setting, but it is not desirable.

4. Stud earrings

It is a great fashion statement and is always good to go for formal occasions and your workplaces. Most organizations have strict dress codes and require workers to wear studs.

Studs compliment everyone and are usually impeccable to go with your formal suit, little black dress, or with your most preferred pair of jeans. A pair of sterling silver studs will flatter your look. You can quickly get a great pair of studs from online silver jewelry outlets.


Gaining a proper understanding of the various earrings will enable you to choose the correct earrings to wear to a given occasion. Picking the right size of earrings is not enough. You must know their colors and their shiny effects, and ask yourself whether they suit the occasion.

For instance, it may be all right to wear a stud to an office setting. But wearing too shiny andcolorful studs may not look great in an office setting. Hence, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right pair of earrings to wear to complement a given look.