The meaning of Cocconero

The Cocconero bag is a high quality product, we have worked very carefully on the design and manufacture. The bags are not just bags, they are a story, you pack all your most important things that you want to carry with you in everyday life.

Wearing a cocconero makes you a storyteller, the elegant design that is designed for your body, hips and back. You have the choice of wearing it in three different ways. Whatever it is, the way you carry your story can make a huge difference. Cocconero is the story…
We agree – and have designed the Napoleone, modelled on the fish Napoleone. The idea: A bag that you carry as close to your body as possible. You can wear it over your clothes, but also underneath, for example under your jacket or coat, which is safer in a crowd. And so close to your body you hardly feel the weight, whatever you are carrying.

It was a long way to create the perfect men's bag, from the classic men's bags, is this an innovation as a crossbody, most bags all look the same. I wanted to create a design where the bag can be nice but also useful.

The Palamita has space for a wallet, keys, cell phone and glasses, while the Napoleone has space for, wallet, keys, cell phone, glasses, Ipadmini, documents e.g. Passport etc., large wallet, headphones from Apple, the small bag was designed to cope with everyday life and the Grosse Napoleone who is traveling etc.

The bag was named by Marco Masini the Italian music star as his favorite bag, because he travels a lot and can quickly access his things, the Napoleone is just perfect for him.

The model Levy from Milano from Versace has named the bag as one of the most beautiful men's bags that he has seen to date.

The brand was born to give men a place to wear bags to strengthen the men's image, everything depends on the design.

These bags are made in Switzerland and we use Italian leather.

Sustainability is the most important thing in a bag, it has to be strong.

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