Six Benefits of Using Bathroom Wall Panels

Ceramic tiles are some of the most popular materials used for bathroom or shower walls. It is not a surprise since they are waterproof, and they are available in a plethora of designs. However, tiles are not the only option out there. A bathroom with a shower wall panel is also an excellent choice. If you are looking to replace the wall coverings on your shower or the entire bathroom, consider using bathroom wall panels. Here are some benefits that you can get from this.

  1. They are watertight. The bathroom or shower area is exposed to water, which is why your wall covering must be watertight. Bathroom wall panels are just like that. You do not have to worry about water getting through. Since they are used in bathrooms, they will not be easily damaged because of water exposure.
  2. They do not require grout. Ceramic tiles require grout to be watertight and to look connected. Without it, water may go through the tiniest gaps. Plus, unless they are installed tightly, you could tell that there is a gap between tiles. There is no need to use grout if you go with wall panels. Grout may also discolor after some time, so you may need to get professional service to clean it.
  3. They are more affordable. Wall panels are more affordable than tiles. You would spend less for covering a wall of the same size if using panels. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to cover the walls of your bathroom, the wall panels will be an exceptional choice.
  4. They are easy to install. The installation of wall panels is also quick and easy. Ceramic tiles take longer to install since you need to put cement to install each piece, then apply grout afterward once everything is done. Installing wall panels is six times faster than the latter. You do not need a professional tile installer to do the job. If you enjoy doing projects at home, it can also serve as another DIY project since installing the walls is no rocket science. If you do not want to wait for a long time to finish your project, using panels for the wall coverings will speed it up.
  5. They come in various designs. One reason many people use ceramic tiles is the variety of designs available. Bathroom wall panels also offer different designs that you can choose from. A plain white wall panel is not your only option. There are even designs that mimic the look of ceramic tiles. These are perfect if you prefer a ceramic tile design but want to enjoy the benefits of wall panels.
  6. They are easy to maintain. Another deciding factor in choosing a wall covering is the ease of maintenance. It is another benefit of a panel wall since they are low-maintenance. Wipe them with a clean cloth, and they are all set. You do not have to worry about soap suds and discoloration that may happen to ceramic tiles overtime.

Bathroom wall panels may not be a popular choice at the moment for wall coverings, but it does not mean that they are a poor choice. They offer several benefits like those mentioned above, which can be considered the next time you need wall coverings for your bathroom or shower.