Professional dating sites: tips to know and things to avoid

What is a professional dating site?

Professional dating sites are a godsend for people who want to find a soulmate among the representatives of the same mindset. Such an acquaintance has its advantages – you will always have something to talk about, there will always be common interests and things to discuss. Also, in addition to romantic relationships, you can find a colleague and companion, share your professional experience, or highlight something for yourself.

Of course, professional dating sites may seem not very useful for people who prefer traditional means of meeting others. Yet, even such skeptical individuals should try online dating to feel its benefits. The point is that professional dating sites let you quickly get connected with like-minded people thanks to specially designed search filters. It means you are more likely to develop meaningful relationships with people that comply with your preferences.

This reduces the likelihood of failure, which is not uncommon on social networks. True, there are no guarantees that a person will want a relationship with you only on the basis of the same interests, and there can be many reasons for refusal even if it seems that you have found a perfect match in the virtual space. How not to worry about an unsuccessful dialogue on a dating site? Also, learn how a correctly filled out questionnaire will help to reduce the chance of rejection to a minimum.

How does a properly completed profile improve your chances of success on a dating site

The vast majority of users believe that it is not worth spending time filling out a professional dating resource questionnaire. It is enough to upload a couple of attractive photos and indicate a profession – and that's it. However, user polls show that such a profile is often considered fake. A lot of people do not fill out the questionnaire completely relying on the fact that it is possible to find out all the answers to important questions through correspondence and, possibly, a personal meeting.

But no one likes to find out important info about interlocutors in this way. So, try to fill out your questionnaire in all the sections; this way, you will make life easier for yourself and the site's users. You do not have to repeat the answers to the hackneyed, standard questions all the time, and the seekers of your heart will be spared the need to ask you the same questions.

The nuances of a questionnaire

1. Honestly fill in all the provided fields of the questionnaire. It is advisable to answer in detail as much as possible. Try to reflect the most important in yourself originally and understandably, but at the same time, do not write a poem.

2. Tell about your principles, hobbies, and dreams. This will help create an image of yourself and give you a reason to start dating.

3. Correctly indicate the purpose of your acquaintance. Tell which man or woman you see near yourself in the future and what you expect from the candidate. Be as honest as possible. If it is important for you that a man does not have children or has his own house, indicate this. If you want children in the future, also write about this. So unnecessary candidates will not bother you, and you will not waste time in vain.

4. Be positive. People come to a professional dating site, first of all, to communicate, enjoy and relax. Nobody cares about your unhappy fate, your third husband or wife, and other problems, believe us. Leave all the negativity, troubles, and complaints in the past. Once you are looking for a new partner, start over from scratch, all over again.

There should not be any negative information about yourself in communication. You are looking for a partner, not a shoulder to cry on. Do not write or talk about your disappointments in life – no one will like it! If you want sympathy and support – call a friend, go to a psychologist. Dating site users are looking for a confident, pleasant, easygoing, and positive person to pair with. Nobody needs sufferers here.

5. Lies. If you are determined to have a serious acquaintance, which should go beyond the scope of online correspondence – you must not cheat in your profile! Write honestly about age, children, hobbies, and preferences!

6. Literacy. Write and check! It is recommended to check all texts for grammatical and punctuation errors. Many men and women will simply pass by your profile because of literacy mistakes. Even an attractive appearance may not save you in such a situation.

7. The volume of the text. When you write about yourself, be reasonable in the amount of your text. Consider the optimal length. All other details you can tell when you meet.

Refusal perception rules for professional dating websites

There are several basic points that everyone should keep in mind. They help to cope with any rejection and separation, both virtual and real.

1. Sympathy is a subjective concept

It is good if the object of your dreams explained his or her refusal by the presence of feelings for another person or a general reluctance to have a relationship at the moment. This is easier to understand and experience. It is more difficult if the reason is the tactless "You are not my type." This explanation can give start to a lot of complexes. It is worth remembering that this expression does not refer to you, but to him or her. What one person considers a disadvantage can arouse genuine admiration from another. These are personal tastes, not your fault, and these subjective preferences should not be taken personally.

2. Who rejects you – just does not suit you

We tend to idealize people and often consider each new acquaintance to be "the one." Often this is not the case, and the object of your adoration suggests this by his or her behavior. If you were rejected, then it can only mean one thing – this person is absolutely not suitable for you. Why do you need a character who needs to be convinced of your exclusivity and that you are worthy of love?

3. The one who does nothing is not mistaken

If you are actively trying to get to know each other and establish a relationship, you will inevitably have failures. These are just statistics that everyone is faced with such a situation. It does not say anything about you or your personal qualities. Therefore, you should not overreact when you are rejected on a professional dating site. It is important not to dwell on this, to treat what happened positively, and quickly move on, making new attempts to find your happiness. They will be successful for sure.

4. You always have an alternative

It is foolish to consider one person "the only one," even if you were sure that she or he was your soulmate. There are billions of men and women in the world, do you really think that among them there is no one who will be interested in you, will like you and be able to love you?

5. Unrequited love overtakes everyone

The most desirable women and the most magnificent men in the world suffered from this feeling. Mixed with resentment and love, anger towards a person who has stopped loving you or initially did not plan anything with you is normal. It just needs to be experienced. Memories of this will remain, but later, you will remember what happened already without emotion.

6. Failure is the beginning of something new

After some time, you will probably be grateful to the person who rejected you. After all, he or she gave you a chance to start a new relationship, gave you a certain freedom, and the opportunity to meet someone who will truly appreciate and love you. Almost all men and women who have experienced this later remember their former partner almost with gratitude – after all, if it were not for him or her, they would not have found new happiness.


So, if you are looking for a soulmate or a lifelong partner, make use of professional dating services. Keep in mind that your personal data should be a little humorous, moderately original, honest, and filled in according to standard parameters (questions), not like news on Twitter and long articles in a magazine. This way, you can create a true picture of yourself which may considerably decrease the chances of being rejected on a dating site.

Once rejected, don’t take it personally. Remember that a relationship always requires work and effort no matter where it starts — in cyberspace or real life. Just stick to our points, be decisive, and your soulmate will find you soon!