Luxury Hair Extensions Made Affordable

Many women would love to buy luxury hair toppers but are leery about doing so because they feel the price is prohibitive. We are here to tell you that this does not have to be the case. Hair extensions are not only a sound investment but an affordable one as well. When it comes to luxury hairpieces, the tips below will help you find the best for less.

Buy High-Quality Hair Extensions

You might be thinking that “high quality” sounds an awful lot like “more money.” While the upfront costs of quality hair extensions are often greater than that of cheap, synthetic hair extensions, quality hair toppers will allow you to save more money in the long run. Many of the inferior hair extensions on the market won’t even last for a year. On the other hand, 100% Remy hair extensions that have been handmade from human hair can last up to three years (The Lauren Ashtyn Collection’s hair extensions have been known to last even longer). Over several years, this can save you big money on hair extension replacement costs.

Buy Customizable Hair Extensions

In some cases, women choose to replace their hair extensions because they get tired of sporting the same color/cut/style. Another way that you can cut down on hair extension replacement costs is to buy customizable hair extensions. Companies like The Lauren Ashtyn Collection sell hair extensions that can be fully customized with regard to color, cut, and style. This means that you can completely change your look without having to buy a whole new set of hair extensions. Customizable hair toppers will spare you the extra expense and extra hassle. They will also allow you to get creative with your hairstyles. No wonder customizable hair extensions are so popular.

Take Advantage Of Free Hair Care Consultations

Speaking of customization, figuring out how you want to customize your fabulous hair extensions does not have to cost an arm and a leg. That is because some hair salons offer haircare consultations for your hair extensions—free of charge! At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, for instance, hair care consultations are free for the first fifteen minutes and only a dollar per minute after that.This means that you can figure out exactly how you want your luxury hair extensions to look, without having to shell out a ton of money in the process.

Find A Company That Offers Competitive Pricing On Hair Extensions

Our last piece of advice for women who want affordable luxury hair extensions is to find a company that offers generous pricing. Some things that you should look for when shopping around for a hair extension company include:

Generous Discounts


Affordable Installment Plans

Some of the best hair extension companies out there will offer generous promotions and discounts. Here’s a pro tip: some companies will offer amazing discounts and exclusive giveaways to social media followers. Following a hair extension company on social media is also a great way to learn more about hair extensions. Finally, we recommend finding a company that will work with you on setting up an affordable payment plan.