Look for the Perfect Business Solutions in Legal Terms

Like thousands of entrepreneurs every year, you plan to create an innovative start-up. The so-called innovative nature of your project induces the formalization of a solid legal base, able to support the rapid growth of your activity, in this country and internationally. Multidisciplinary team of lawyers defines a legal framework adapted to the specificities of your innovative activity, and secures the various aspects of your project. Opting for the business lawyer Orange County is the best choice.

Create an Innovative Start-Up: Fundraising

The growing needs of start-ups and innovative SMEs seeking to strengthen their equity make fundraising an essential alternative to traditional funding levers. Business angels, crowd funding, investment funds different solutions are available to project leaders.

It implies a new distribution of capital, and therefore of the forces present within the future entity, the success of a fundraising operation requires in- depth reflection on future governance. Long and delicate legal operation, it also requires compliance with a strict formalism, in a changing regulatory context. Perfectly mastering the workings of fundraising, Business Lawyer Nakase Wade advise you, support you and implement your operations, from project assessment to closing.

Protect My Brand

The brand is your most obvious distinguishing feature. Associated with a logo, a slogan, it represents your identity and your know-how. In an economy where the intangible is becoming more and more important, a good brand strategy can give you a clear competitive advantage in your markets, and contribute to the valuation of your company. Corporate Lawyer Nakase Wade supports you at each stage of the protection of your brand.

Resolve a Dispute

The current changes in the business environment inevitably lead to an increase in the risk of litigation of all kinds. Our litigation lawyers, experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods, support you in anticipating and resolving all types of disputes, by defining a defense strategy conducive to maintaining lasting relationships with your stakeholders.

Successful Merger or Acquisition Project

Strategic merger, external growth, capital restructuring, various objectives justify the use of mergers and acquisitions. With a constant level of legal and fiscal complexity that is often high and potential impacts on governance. Teams of mergers and acquisitions lawyers advise you on your “Top of the balance sheet” strategy and secure all stages of your operations.

Services to Expect

· Definition of the legal framework and drafting of the statutes

· Choice of legal form and mode of governance

· Drafting of the articles of association of your company

· Drafting of a shareholders' agreement, document governing the rules of conduct between shareholders

Transmit My Company

If business transfer operations turn out to be particularly perilous, it is first of all because of the legal and fiscal technicality that they require. The multidisciplinary teams of Advocates master all the legal and tax issues of business transfer. Far beyond the drafting of legal acts, they are your privileged advisers in developing your disposal strategy, negotiating with the buyer and optimizing your personal tax situation.

The intervention of a court-appointed lawyer generally operates before the examining magistrate, the police court, the criminal court or the Assize Court. This lawyer receives fees like his colleagues. After his designation, this auxiliary of justice must be contacted by the litigant before pleading his case.