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Has it happened to you as well that you go an amazing haircut once and then on your next appointment with the hairdresser, you ended up getting a total disaster? Well, we all have been there and the funny thing is that everyone is conscious about their hair. Every single person wants the hair to be on point. Imagine looking super classy with an amazing haircut and then looking like a total goofball on the next appointment.

It is understandable that the hairdresser may not remember the exact same steps he or she followed to achieve the hairstyle that you liked. So, to make sure that you get the desired cut and to make sure that the hairdresser knows all the steps, HairBrain steps in. It is an app with which you can record your haircutting in the form of photos or videos so that on your next appointment, your hairdresser knows exactly what he or she needs to do with those fabulous locks.

Not only haircuts but this app allows you to get a recording of the hair dye that you got. The hairdresser can follow the exact same procedure with the help of the recording and provide you with the best results. Also, you can request for appointments, look for latest trends or latest hairstyles, and you can even create photo galleries if you like. So basically, this app will take care of everything that is related to your hair and will make sure that your hair looks fabulous every time that you have an appointment with your hairdresser.

Now a question arises that why is this app so necessary? So, the answer is that a bad haircut, hair color or hairstyle can have an adverse effect on the overall appearance of an individual, it is super necessary to make sure that the hairstyle or haircut that you are getting suits your face shape and your personality. A good haircut can definitely add the oomph to your personality. Now with this app, you will never have to spend hours explaining to your hairdresser the style you want, you can just show him or her and you will be good to go. One more thing that is great about this app is that even if you are travelling and you have to get a haircut from a completely hairdresser, you can show him or her the style and procedure that you want and you will not be disappointed. Going to a new hairdresser can be very disappointing at times but HairBrain, you will not have to worry about that.

Even if you are going to the same salon again after months, it is quite likely that they will not clearly remember the kind of haircut or hairstyle they gave you. So, showing the recording to the hairdressers can be very helpful for them and for you as well. You will get the desired cut and the hairdresser will be very clear about what he is doing.

So, this app is not only helping you but is also helping the stylist or the hairdresser. The hairstylists can also keep records of the styles that they have created without consuming a lot of time. It also allows the stylists to look for the latest trends. The stylists can create a gallery of the before and after styles of the clients. Above all, this app is a platform for the stylists where they can display their work and even sell it. They will gain clients and get more appointments. What could be better than that for a hairdresser or a hairstylist right? Everything is super easy with this app, whether you are recording, gaining ideas or creating a photo gallery.

Whether you want to stick to your old and amazing hairstyle or whether you feel like some experimentation, the HairBrain app has got you covered. Record videos, take photos and notes, upload videos or hairstyles for display, or even browse your favorite hairstyles. You will surely find something exciting in this app to get a new haircut. As it is said that a new haircut makes you feel like a new personality. We hope that you will be able to find the best hairstyles and hairstylists with this app.



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