Key Bedroom Design Tips For Newbies

Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of your home because it’s your personal sanctuary, a place where you can truly be and express yourself. This is especially true if you personalize your bed, that is, truly making it your own. However, with so many different ideas, it can get confusing ­– or tacky – really quick.

In this article, we discuss how you can create your own personal space by following our few simple design tips!

1. Choose Lighter Hues

You might want to go with your favorite color, but if it’s lime-green, you could soon be regretting your choice. It’s advisable that you choose a subtle color, like cream or lavender, and generally avoid glossy paint.

There’s a psychology to colors and you want to find that sweet spot of relaxation and comfort, so stick to lighter hues that bring about the peace that your bedroom should bring.

Another benefit of using lighter colors is that you’ll be able to accentuate your bedroom properly, but more on that in the next tips.

2. Your Bed is the Highlight of the Show

Your bed forms the centerpiece of your bedroom and, as such, it has to be something that you truly love. In fact, people have started out their bedroom designs by first picking a bed and a color that they like.

Your bed doesn’t have to have a large surface area, especially if you’re sleeping alone. However, it is advised that you get a taller mattress. Do not forego the quality of your mattress because of the price, you can always pick up an affordable one during a labor day mattress sale, for instance.

3. Less is More, Invest in Storage

Don’t be tempted to display everything that your heart desires in your bedroom because that only results in clutter that can be visual pollution in a place that’s supposed to be solely for your relaxation.

If you have a lot of stuff and can’t find room for it, go for a bed with hidden storage compartments, invest in a trunk, or have a larger wardrobe.

4. Your Linen Defines You

If your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom then your linens are what gives the bed its character. Don’t be afraid to splurge on quality linens because they last for ages and they’re a great investment. You want to have that luxurious hotel feel every time you go to bed.

5. Divide Your Bedroom Up (and Bring in Furniture Accordingly)

Divide your bedroom into sections so that you can arrange your furniture accordingly. However, don’t be tempted to get the biggest fixtures out there. You have to understand that your furniture has to fit the motif of your bedroom, you can’t have some things that are larger than others.

Your sleeping area should be separate from your reading area, the area where you get dressed has to be in a separate section as well.

By creating uniformity, you can create a better space that is easier to navigate through.

6. Utilize the Ceiling and Walls

This tip is especially important if you have a small bedroom. If you want to have extra lights or art fixtures you should consider hanging them from the ceiling. In fact, some people have even tried suspending shelves and coat racks from the ceilings – albeit an expensive choice. Your ceiling also serves as another wall so keep that in mind when decorating.

Your walls also leave room for you to experiment on, you can have shelves that can be style fixtures and you can mount items on the wall if you really cannot afford to lose the valuable floor space that you have.

Please don’t go out and get yourself a chandelier – unless you’re into that.

7. Figure Out the Lighting

Some interior designers have created wonderful spaces using simple furniture by just altering the way the light shines in a room. Dimmers are wonderful gadgets to have in your bedroom, miniature spotlights can highlight areas that you want to see more often, and don’t forget about natural lighting.

A large window is great to bring in natural light and to slowly wake you from your slumber. Make sure you have blinds or curtains that can give you the benefit of privacy but also allow a little ambient light from the outside to come in.

By utilizing and controlling light effectively, you can accentuate how your bedroom looks.


By following these simple tips, you can create – or recreate – not only the perfect bedroom but your own private sanctuary. So don’t be afraid to experiment, make mistakes, or show off your ideas. Just like your individual personality, your bedroom is made up of the sum of all these experiences!



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