Wearing jewelry is one of the most important ways for people who love beauty to decorate them. Nowadays, there are many kinds of jewelry, such as gold and silver and other precious metals, jade and gemstones name on necklace. The design style is also ever-changing. The texture of gold is soft, and it wears out when worn for a long time. Sometimes, the design style of jewelry is somewhat outdated over time. At this time, many people have considered the my name jewelry store to "trade-in", usually the jewelry store will have such a service. However, people who want to " trade-in " have noticed, remembering the four "golden not changed" in the jewelry store. The insider reminds: No matter how beautiful it is, you will be suffer losses.

First, price jewelry

Even if this kind of necklaces for her is also gold, the insider does not recommend the use of gold for “trade-in” because its pricing method is not based on the weight of gold, but is based on the design of the price. We all know that in the fashion design, this thing is actually not worth the value. Therefore, it is not only necessary to pay a price that is much more expensive than the price of gold, but it is obviously not as good as the original gold jewelry after a few years of wearing. It suffers losses obviously.

Second, jade gemstone

When we use the gold jewelry "trade-in", it is usually exchanged with the original price jewelry, but when we go to the jewelry store, the jade gemstone mother's rings counters are generally discounted. After all, the actual cost of jade is very low. Even if it is bought at a high price, it cannot be preserved. It is a loss to exchange gold for jade.

Third, diamonds

Does diamond really have such high value? Insiders don't think so. This is just the result of successful marketing by merchants, and diamonds are greatly discounted when they are recycled in jewelry stores.

Fourth, platinum and fancy gold

Although platinum itself is a precious metal, the preservation rate is not high, and the gold itself is a material made of gold doped with other metals. It is beautiful but not practical. These two kinds of custom necklaces jewelry are not worthwhile "trade-in", according to the calculation method of the jewelry store will make you suffer.

According to the analysis of insiders, gold friendship rings jewelry wants to trade-in, of course, it is still the first choice of gold jewelry with the same value of the same value, after all, there is only a need to increase the manual cost. Even if other jewellery more beautiful, it is easy to lose money with replacing by real gold.




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