Why can't platinum jewelry be worn with gold? Why wear a long time after the so-called will not change color platinum also became yellow?

Platinum is a naturally white precious metal. Platinum bracelet for girlfriend is only one-twentieth of the annual gold production, and one ounce of platinum needs to be refined from 10 tons of platinum ore for five months. Domestic platinum jewelry usually contains 90% pure platinum and is marked with the “Pt900”.

The white luster of platinum monogram ring is naturally natural and will not fade after long-term wear. The hardness of platinum makes it the best friend of diamonds. The white K gold is the white color of gold with certain alloys. It contains at most 75% gold. Because pure gold is too soft to withstand the squeezing of everyday wear personalized pet photo necklace, it is often alloyed with other metals such as silver, copper, nickel, and zinc to increase its hardness and durability. In general, 18k gold inlaid jewelry has a lower hardness than platinum and is prone to wear. Platinum is easily dyed with gold when worn with platinum jewelry. It causes discoloration of platinum.

Gold cannot be worn with platinum jewelry infinity necklace here!, otherwise the platinum ring will turn yellow. Because platinum has a high hardness than that of the gold, the gold powder adheres to the surface of platinum after rubbing, which causes the yellowing of platinum.

The hardness of the diamond is higher than that of the jade. If the two are worn together, it will inevitably appear that the diamond "scratches" the jade. Even if it is not visible on the surface, many of the interior of the jade has been damaged.

The overlay wearing of long and short necklace is also the most popular method of mixing jewelry at present. The only thing to watch out for is don't choose over complicated cheap personalized necklaces, which will look very messy! You must not wear only one ring on your hand. In addition to necklaces, rings are also easy to mix and match. A homogenous ring is born to be worn together

Silver mothers rings like this are worn on the index finger and the ring finger. Even if they are completely different styles, there was no sense of reconciliation and only full of fashion sense!

"There must be a little red in the green bushes". Of course, this is just a metaphor. It means to pick a key color in the ring of the same color! A black gold combination is typical! According to the principle of the mix and match ring, we can get a lot of "mix and match inspiration", the most important thing is to seize the "primary and secondary", and find the key points!

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