How to Pack Precious Fur Coats while travelling?

Are you one of the proud owners of fur coats? 100% real and genuine fur clothing? Then, you must know it is not easy to preserve fur coats. Be it your shearling coat, mink coat, or any other fur coat - you know how important and crucial it is to maintain fur clothing. Clothes made of 100% genuine fur are at a sustainable risk of damage. From time to time, these precious and expensive clothing require and demand your full attention and preservation. But taking them from one place to another can do serious damage to the delicate fur; often, help from professionals is needed, but not all can avail the professionals as it is expensive and sometimes go out of budget. For years, Aria Moda has been adding instant glam with a range of women’s fur coats. So, to preserve these attention-seeking garments.We will discuss the procedure; with things you can easily and professionally maintain your fur coats.


From season to season, start and end the season, fur garments require full-time attention. You can’t just expect them to be in their best condition. But it would be wise to hire professional help for maintaining your delicate fur clothing. So, if you can’t hire professional help, you can arrange the following supplies. It will require more effort, but the results are guaranteed.

Supplies you would need for packing

  • Wardrobe boxes

These boxes are of top-notch quality with an installed hanger: a good choice for transportation.

  • Hangers

Wooden hangers are more preferable since steel ones corrode. (And you don’t want that.)

  • Wardrobe bags

Avoid plastic bags as they won’t last any longer. Choose high-quality wardrobe bags over anything

  • Padding material; preferable choice to wrap the fur would be colorless and chemical-free.

  • Plain paper; white sheets or paper are a must to wrap that delicate fur all nice and smooth to keep the fur in good form.

  • And don’t forget scissors and tape required during packaging.

How to do packaging?

First, get your fur garments all clean and dry. This step is important because sweat or dirt can do severe damage to coats. Then, use the supplies. You can use all of them, or not. The choice is yours. But, treat the delicate fur clothing with extreme gentleness and care.

  • First of all, fill in the sleeves using plain white paper.
  • Fold the fur clothing in half length
  • Wrap the coat with soft padding material
  • Put the coat in the wardrobe box
  • Fill in the space of the box by adding leftover paper.
  • Use tape and scissors for final packing.

For local transportation, use wardrobe bags but if you are often traveling investing money in the expensive wardrobe boxes is not a bad choice either because they already have installed hangers.

Now during transportation, keep in mind the temperature conditions – especially humidity. Fur coats can’t sustain in hot and humid weather. The hot weather procures damage to the material of fur. So, at least invest good money to store your fur in a protection storage facility especially during summers. If you can’t do that, choose transportation that provides these facilities. Now, you know all the procedure to take care of your coat. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get the delicate fur fixed, and you can also check out hot sale at Aria Moda Shop.