Choose a new look -with stylish prescription glasses

Eyesight concerns have become a stereotype attribute of our generation. Following in closely is the fashion and style trends. Hence, the most obvious need of 21st century generation, becomes the stylish prescription glasses. Now blending the two worlds, style and eyesight aid, comes at a cost. Mainly because the process requires a lot of accompanying aspects to be taken care of.

Firstly, if you are prescribed to wear glasses, it is not going to be for occasional use. It is likely to stay with you during most of your daily activities. Hence, when the frame is being made, quality compromise is not an option. Otherwise, compromising the quality, would put your comfort at risk. Secondly, comes the question of glass in use, the quality of which must be retained at all cost for sake of eye health. Now clubbing together all these factors, the cost can get significantly high.

These is precisely where online sites come into play. The online sites are well suited to craft frames into modern trends and fit them with premium quality prescription glasses. However, where these stores beat physical retail stores, hands down, is the pricing. Online sites, such as Voogueme, offer brilliant discounts in most of their products. Additionally, with these sites you can also avail coupons, that will allow you to vouch extra cash off on your purchase. End result, you get the best quality stylish prescription glasses, at the best price possible.

The benefits of online purchase over physical retail stores

Buying sunglasses from e-commerce sites, is quite a common activity. There isn't really much a stake when you are buying sunglasses from online stores. The products come cheap and you plan to use it only occasionally. With prescription glasses however, a great deal more is at stake. Keeping aside your eyesight care, when you buy new prescription glasses, you essentially set for a new face. The right fit, the right comfort and the right style; a lot to comprehend. Hence, buying prescription glasses from online stores, could often give you second thoughts. Instead, you would prefer to stick to your regular trusted physical stores. However, in doing so, you miss out on a whole range of benefits.

  • Variety in style: A major benefit that you miss out on is definitely the range of style and fashion trend available with these e-commerce sites. It is a known fact that when it comes to variety, physical retail stores can never compare with e-commerce sites. Polarized prescription glasses to cat eye glasses, in every segment you will find a variation beyond limit. On the contrary physical retail stores are very limited in variety when it comes to prescription glasses. They generally offer the conventional frames with slight variation.
  • Cost effectiveness: Prescription glasses are a premium product. Hence, when you shop from a physical retail store, discounts and price negotiation is going to be out of question. You will pretty much be dealing with fixed prices. Such is not at all the case with online stores. Infact, with sites such as voogueme, you will find low and affordable prices to be one of their specialty. Now, the initial prices are steep with the online sites as well, but they do provide discounts and price off coupons, that make your end price quite affordable.
  • Time benefit: Every opportunity you get to save time, you must reach out and grab it. It isn't a very rare chance, when you visit a retail store, you like a productfrom their catalogue, but it goes out of stock. You return home disappointed and reschedule a second appointment when the product ships in. Which is all good and well except, you waste extra crucial hours from your schedule. When it comes to online purchase, ithas gotyou covered on time saving in every minute aspect possible. If there are three big benefits of online purchase, then they would be -time saver, money saver and variety.
  • Hassle free: Like every other online purchase, you do not travel. From the comfort of your home or from your office, you can browse through the online stores and promptly make your purchase. You never take a step outside your schedule. The same thing applies in terms of delivery. You don't go to get your product, but your product comes to you. Additionally, starting from your payment formalities to return policies, you will find very little to bother your mind with, when dealing online.
  • Payment benefits: Online purchase is always characterized with a whole range of discounting possibilities tied to your payment option. Apart from product discount and coupons, at times you will also get the option to avail cash off benefits related to your debit or credit card. Additionally, you also get the option of EMI payment. Now such benefits are also provided be physical retailers, but rarely will you find a single retailer providing all the benefits on all the products. That is a plus, you get only when you shop online.

The range of variety

If you are looking for cheap glasses without compromising the quality , then you will find online sites such as voogueme, to your absolute delight. Voogueme prescription glasses online, are not just available at discount prices, but you also get additional cash off coupon options. For, e.g. you get voogueme coupons such as coupon code V10 that gives you an additional $10 off on a purchase over $109. Similarly you get $15 off on purchase over $149 and $20 off on purchase over $189.

In terms of variety, you will find glasses for both men and women. The frame however, can be absolutely anything you wish to. You can select depending on the type, such as, Full-frame, rimless and semi-rimless. Or you can choose depending on material, like -plastics, metal, TR90, wood and acetate. If that wasn't enough you could browse according to shapes like, oval, rectangular, browline, geometric, cat eye and aviator. Or go for uncanny colours like, transparent, tortoise and floral. When select the new look for your face, you can achieve great flexibility by combining different, types, materials, shapes and colours.