8 Items You Need in Your Makeup Bag Right Now

If you want to look your best always, a makeup bag is one of the essentials that you should bring daily. If you’re passionate about beauty products, it’s tempting to carry your entire makeup collection all the time.

However, physical constraints will prevent you from doing so. Lugging around a massive purse isn’t practical when you need to commute to school or work every day.

Fortunately, you only need a few essential things in your makeup bag, such as:

1. Foundation

You should have your foundation handy at all times in case you need to retouch your makeup later in the day. While you may choose a liquid or powder that’s long-lasting, you may want to even out your skin tone after a rigorous activity, like working out or going on errands.

Some tips on how to find the right foundation shade for your skin:

Know Your Undertone – Every skin type falls into three undertone categories: warm, neutral, and cool. This is the reason why a particular foundation shade looks good on your friend but doesn’t compliment your skin quite as well, even if you both have the same skin color.

Swatch Correctly – The best way to swatch your foundation is by applying it from your cheeks right down to your neck. Wait for a few minutes to see if the product matches your skin after adjusting.

Get Ample Lighting – When swatching, you should consider looking for a natural light source to get a clearer view of how the foundation works for your skin tone.

2. Concealer

A highly-pigmented concealer is another makeup item that you should always have on your bag. You never know when you might have to cover up a massive zit that decided to come out and add to the stress you’re feeling at the office.

Aside from concealing blemishes and dark circles under your eyes, this product can also serve as a base for your eye shadow.

3. Multi-Purpose Stick

A popular trend nowadays is multi-purpose makeup, specifically, one that you can use for both cheeks and lips. A multi-purpose stick is a cream-based product that serves as lipstick or tint as well as a blusher.

This item is perfect for your everyday makeup bag because you lessen the number of things you have to bring. Rather than bringing a lip tint and blush, you can just slip a multi-purpose stick in your bag, and you’re all set.

Some formulas can be blended just by using your fingers. However, it’s also blendable with a blush brush if you’re more comfortable with using one.

4. Mascara

Mascaras instantly enhance the thickness, length, and color of your eyelashes. A lot of beauty gurus deem it as a makeup must-have because it makes your eyes appear larger and more appealing.

Moreover, it gives you a wide-awake appearance, which is handy after having one too many drinks last night even when you know you have work the day after.

5. Eyeliner

Eye makeup is a vital part of your makeup regimen because you want your eyes to captivate other people. Eyeliner complements the work of your mascara by giving your eyelashes a more lush appearance.

Plus, you can dramatically alter the shape of your eye just by applying eyeliner. The winged style is particularly popular because it enhances the shape of the face for most people while making their eyes appear larger and eyelashes look denser.

6. Brow Makeup

Whether you’re using liquid, gel, or powder brow makeup, you should always have this product in your makeup bag. Your eyebrows frame your face, so you want them to retain their shape even after being exposed to all types of natural elements.

7. Eye Shadow

Depending on your mood, eye shadows are fun products that allow you to give your eyes a pop of color.

These products come in all sorts of hues that you can match to your outfit. Having it on your person can also aid your transition from day to night makeup, which is immensely valuable when you want to party after work.

8. Lip Gloss

Sometimes, your lipstick or tint doesn’t give your face the sufficient oomph factor that you want. A lip gloss not only gives your lips the shimmer it needs, but some products also provide additional color to complement the base shade.


Your makeup bag should contain the products that you need for retouching, even when you’re out and about. Foundation and concealer will even out your skin tone while multi-purpose stick, eye shadow, and lip gloss can give your face a pop of color. Meanwhile, you should also bring along your mascara, brow makeup, and eyeliner to enhance your eyes.