5 Military Awards You Never Knew About

Every country's defense line has its troops of soldiers who put lives at risk to protect the country and its people. The military has arranged a motivation system through which the soldiers would work hard and get motivated. That motivation system is generally known as military awards. The concept of military awards was laid out decades ago to increase military troops' numbers and performances. The award system has been continued ever since. Many people know military awards; however, that also some rare military awards that ordinary people do not know of. These military rewards stand for specific performances on specific wars or defensive line.

And if you are keen to know about all those rare military awards, then you are at the right place. We have assembled an article to spread the information about those five military awards you never knew about. Scroll down and learn more

Following are the military awards that most of the people do not have information off and are very vital awards in the military. Most people know these types of awards as thin ribbons for military.

Coronation Medal

This medal is one of the most appreciated medals in the military, but most of the people do not know about this due to a lack of interest and information. The medal is awarded through the medal office of the designated area where the military belongs, generally known as the MOD. These medals are award to troop leaders with an appreciable performance record. This award belongs to the year 1953.

The Victoria cross

The lucky people who get this model get the VC position and is an award presented for gallantry. This award is mostly awarded to people who have served the nation with utter bravery and consciousness. The other times this award was awarded for a selfless sacrifice of life for the nation's wellbeing and the other military folks. Any troop's shoulders can earn this medal; however, it is not a piece of cake to achieve it as it requires selflessness, bravery, and patriotism towed the military and the nation itself.

The George Cross Medal

The people who get this are known as the GC winner of the premier award. Not a lot of people know about this award other than a few. However, it is quite a popular award in the military. This is an award for best performance in a non-operational situation or the best performance without the enemy present. This adds the non-operational drills etc. The shoulder's courage is celebrated through this award, and troops get motivated to work even more challenging, even in a non-operational environment.

Distinguished Service Order

The people who get their hands on this distinguished service order are known to have the designation of DSO. This is awarded for promoting the leadership skills of the troops in the military. The person you lead the troop and performs acts of bravery accompanied by excellent leading is the winner of this order and gains respect with the military circle.

Conspicuous Cross

This cross is given to people who perform their mission with utter gallantry and bravery. The people who get to take these are given the name of CGS on their uniforms. Every soldier wants this on their record as an achievement. This is awarded for best performance in critical conditions like wars and troop drills with other nations.


The above mentioned were the five military awards that you didn't know about. Hopefully, this would be informative for you and have answered all the questions you had on this topic. Make sure to research more and find out more about this topic.