Hello world. The title of this post is a reminder that I haven't posted in more than a week. My past week has been good but definitely had its ups and downs as always. My sofa is here though, so my home seems more complete now.

I'm super happy with the sofa, it's the perfect fit for my apartment. I find it a lot of fun decorating and finding my own home interior style and adding things like plants, curtains, candles and such. I absolutely love the green in my apartment and hopefully I'll have my plants alive for a bit longer. On my wishlist for plants is something I haven't found yet, I wan't something big enough so that it could stand on the floor. I don't wan't to look into it too closely because as I've found, plants can be quite expensive.

In my other window I've got an aloevera plant and I'm so excited for it to grow bigger and actually use the aloevera in it's leaves. Once I grow the balls to cut a leaf of I'll show you. I hadn't realized that there's actual gel inside the leaves until I bought it and did some research on watering and such.

I hope your past week has been good and that you'll continue in to having an even better weekend.

Catch you later.


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Good morning beautiful human beings of the world! Today is a good day to be alive. Like everyday. Sort of.

My morning started like most mornings, you could say I have a morning routine. My boyfriend called and woke me up, we are dealing with a tiny {read: long} distance relationship at the minute. So it is nice that we have gotten into some kind of routine of when we call and catch up. I then had breakfast and caught up with my favorite youtubers, and now I’m speaking with you. I love mornings, not because I’m anything like a morning person but because I like the quiet and the calm with some easy going music in the background with a warm cup of coffeee or tea while just enjoying getting ready for the day.

I will share a picture from a better breakfast with you. This was taken while I was in Bali, Indonesia which I think I have come to love more as I’ve been away. If you are thinking of visiting I would recommend Ulluwatu or Canggu, those were my two favorite places and since Bali isn’t too big you could easily visit other places around the Island over a day. Maybe I’ll talk more of my trip to Bali in another post. But here is the Acaii Bowl I was speaking of.

I hope you’re having a great day and that all will be well.

Happy Wednesday.



Hello once again, it seems I get more active at night so here goes my first real post. I'll just spin of about productivity to start and we will se where we end up. My initial thoughts about productivity is that I'm more productive in the morning but at second thought my mind is more active at night. However if I keep thinking about it maybe my creative mind is what gets of at night.

What is creativity to me? Well, I'm not quite sure really. I would not identify myself as creative but still there are some creative things I do. Sometimes I see creativity in my makeup, in my photos on my phone, in my home. Right now i see more of the creativity around me because I'm really into Pinterest. I pin a lot of fashin on there but also home decor things. That would probably be because I'm waiting on both a new bed and a new sofa for my small little student apartment. Which basically are two of the biggest furnitures of my home so I'm quite excited to say the least. My home is about to have a bigger change. Right now I will say that you'll probably see the furniture on this blog once they arrive but I won't promise anything as of yet.

I hope that this little post has given you a little bit of an insight to what I will write about and how I will write it. There won't be a red thread and there won't be a clear theme, I just write to write and these are just my thoughts on a brain active night.

Have a good night and hopefully your monday will be amazing!

Sincerely, Clic.



This was truly an impulsive decision, to create a blog was not really on my mind until late today. I wanted to create an outlet for me to write of the things on my mind, of places I want to visit and to speak out. This is a place for me to write and for whoever reads it a place to relate or to not relate but to see a perspective of the world from another person. This is my blog and this is my life.