Tarragona for the win!

Everyone, please let me recommend a beautiful city near Barcelona. Its called Tarragona and it's like a little cute mini-Rome. It's so nice to visit just over the day and walk around and do some tourists things. They have some nice restaurants and a lot of old buildings. And the most important is that it is very photo friendly.

I and my friend took the train from Sitges at 12.07 and arrived in Tarragona at around 13.00, we started to walk into the city and we literally got lost haha. We didn't even found any restaurants so we just walked for like an hour until we understood beauty of Tarragona was on the other side of town so we decided to take a taxi to The cathedral in Tarragona. 

Two places that I really recommend is The Tarragona Cathedral & Tarragona Amphitheatre.

I really want to come again and especially in the summertime when there are more people and even better weather.

I actually filmed my trip to Tarragona so in the near future uploading a video on my nonexisting youtube channel lol.

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