So today was my last day in Cairns.


It's with both a heavy and light heart I'm writing these words.

Heavy because, I'm leaving a place that has meant so much to me and for my growth. It's the end of this chapter and I'm saying goodbye to people that are very dear to my heart and that I might never see again.

Light because, I've had amazing experiences. I've met amazing people and this place is just that great, surrounded by such beautiful nature is unreal.

It started all at the hostel Bounce, where I worked for accommodation. Scrubbing toilets, making beds while sweating out the alcohol and shame from the night before was weekly. When you live, work and party together you end up having a lot of fun moments, sharing a dorm with 16 other people was not easy, but you learn to live with each other and you get so close so fast, I've had some really memorable times there. It was here I experienced my first bush doof. Wich is basically a rave out in the middle of no where (jungle), people with all ethnicities come together to dance, enjoy electronic music and have a crazy fun night until the sun goes up. It was also at Bounce where I read "the power of now", wich sparked my interest for spirituality a lot more and the eager to learn more about myself.

After my two moths in Bounce I moved in to my first private room in Australia, after one and half year! It felt so nice to finally have the place to relax and sleep in for myself. This gave me space to take meditation more seriously and have more time for myself. And now I was surrounded by people who was more like minded. Not long after I moved in, me and a big group of people that I've met went to Orin-aya wich for me was a festival that changed everything. Being with such amazing people, really high energy and only good vibes on such a holy place, surrounded by ancient nature. We all grew and became better people that weekend. Thanks for every one that was involved, it was the best.

But also small things in my day to day life, like work, waking up most of my mornings feeling good about going to work. I was feeling grateful that I managed to get my hands on this job, surrounded by nice colleges that were really good to me. It opened up the opportunity to now let me continue with my travels. Even on my days off, we would go to an Island for the day, hike, go to the park and being active, playing frisbee, reading a book, being creative, cooking food and just try to make every moment count. I've been so rich, rich in experiences, rich in love and friendships, rich in health. I've never felt this good and confident in myself. And a lot of it I have thank that to my surroundings, it made it all a lot easier.

I'm going in to this next chapter with excitement, but of course I'm nervous. I've been in my comfort zone these last few months, with people who know me and I know them, where I've had my steady routine. And now I'm leaving again to find another comfort zone. Wish me good luck :*