As a social travelling person you get to know people from all over the world, it is certainly one of the beauties of travelling as it enriches your life in so many ways.

But it has a downside too - Long distance relations.... I am not only talking about falling in love with a person who lives far away, I am also talking about long distance friendships because these can be just as tough.

I must be fair to say that I do travel a lot. Previously I have travelled more than I do now, but I still travel more than 3 months of the year while taking care of full time study. How do I find the time? I actually have no idea! Prioritizing I guess.

Travelling that much, working abroad, and getting a daily routine where you interact with people from all over the globe is amazing. I would never doubt doing it over again and again, but finding yourself when you are apart from those extra special people who you are used to sharing everything with is sometimes difficult.

Although, this extra special bond that you get from travelling keeps you close by heart even though you are far apart, and it only takes a skype convo and a few glasses of wine to bring back that special energy. And reuniting, OMG reuniting again makes it all worth the struggle.

Long distance relationships on the other hand… If you ask my friends they’d probably laugh and say I should have learned my lesson by now. I’ve tried long distance relationships a bunch of times and sadly, it most commonly doesn’t work out. But!!! There’s a reason you try, you would never try a long distance relationship with a person who wasn’t special to you. Long distance relationships are hard work, a big handful of trust, and a lot of missing the other person.

I am the person to believe that if it is meant to be it will be, and if you find the right person you will make it work wether that person lives in Denmark, Norway or Australia. You’ll focus on the positive things instead of the negative ones and suddenly you’ll find yourself in a difficult but healthy long distance relationship; and that, ladies and gentlemen - is all worth it!

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Is a phrase that’s used about Paris, but in this case i feel the same about Oslo!
I’ve had by far one of the best weekends visiting missed faces, celebrating, sightseeing etc.

I think one of the reasons I’ve had such an amazing weekend was the escape from quite a hectic situation with my family back home; even though social media shows all the good times, life ain’t always as easy as it appears in your insta feed. It has been draining me a lot, therefore Oslo was exactly what i needed.

As I arrived late Thursday night I didn’t have any plans so we ate dinner late and had a relaxed evening, but Friday it was already full on!

I met up with Ann Kristin (my travel partner in crime) who happened to be in town too, and we went brunching, shopping and costume hunting. When i say costume hunting it is because Saturday my very dear friend Ane was hosting a big tropical theme birthday party.

Friday passed by very fast and the evening I spent eating at a vegan/gluten-free restaurant called Git Bit, they had cheap and very delicious food!

Saturday morning I went sightseeing in centrum, went to an art museum and enjoyed the sunny weather walking around central Oslo chasing Pokemons haha! 😃

At 6pm it was fully on, dinner at Lille Asia restaurant celebrating the hottest 30 year old person i know and catching up with travel friends!

Sunday was spent mostly in bed, though we found the energy to take a walk near some waterfalls. For those who don’t know, Norway happens to have some of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever seen.

All in all an amazing, intense and well spend weekend in Oslo! Now back to reality for a few weeks until I’m off to Spain!



There has been a lack of posts on my blog lately due to a busy schedule.
Since I got back from Asia I’ve been catching up with friends that I haven’t seen for months, starting a new semester at my study where i work full-time as a physiotherapist, and between all of that - i’ve got a new part-time job as a fysio for a handball team - so my calendar is almost fully booked.

But i like busy, busy describes me quite well as a person to be honest. I like to be around people, i like to be on the run. I am dreaming big, aiming big and that equals a packed calendar. But in the meantime, I couldn’t resist planning my next travel. Which is why i wanna talk about my upcoming adventure.

As a surfer i’ve actually felt a little trapped when it comes to travel destinations, since I tried surfing for the first time 3,5 years ago, I’ve barely traveled to a destination where I couldn’t surf - but before I became a surfer I was an explorer, by heart and mind, and I wanna keep it that way.

I wanna see the world, not only the surf destinations, but the whole world - which is why I’ve decided that my next travel won’t be a surf travel.

I’m going to Spain, or actually, before that I am going to Oslo, but that’s more of a catching up with some missed faces kind of trip. Spain is my next exploring travel.

We’re gonna rent a car and drive from Barcelona to Malaga - I’m really excited as I haven’t seen that much of Europe to be honest.

I really like the idea of renting a car, it gives you so much freedom, which is why we haven’t really made a plan for the trip.
I’ve never really been the type of person who likes a fully booked calendar or too many plans for my travel, because traveling is my free space, its my break from my busy life at home. I need peace and a lot of free time when i travel, I need to recharge my batteries.

So stay tuned for Oslo updates, Spain updates and probably some other random stuff in between



I've now been home almost 3 weeks, after my 2 months in Asia and I felt like it was time to take you guys with me back to where it all started. This is a following to my earlier blog post "Stuck in the GU" which you can find here. 

A lot of people have asked me if i ever miss home while traveling, if it's safe traveling alone as a girl, where i live, why i always end up in Bali etc. I hope that i'm able to answer why in this post: 

Through Lapoint, i got introduced to a local family, who owns the most amazing little home stay you’ll find in town. Not amazing because it has a kingsize bed, spa or even a swimming pool - cause it has non of it. It’s amazing because during your stay at home stay Gita, you’ll become a part of the owner Nyoman's family, you’ll become an equal member and they’ll let you in on their holy family ceremonies, while they'll share their compassion, humility and make you appreciate life just a bit more! This family touched my heart deeply and gave me a whole new perspective on life. 

They are always there to help you out, make you feel safe, cause they care about you, as well as they'll keep you safe anytime!

At this home stay you’ll find nomads from all over the globe, who’ll be Stuck in the GU, just like yourself. You’ll build up life long friendships and they'll become your travel family. You will share intimacy, and exactly intimacy is the keyword for this home stay where the ceiling is made of reeds, and you hear the rooster crowing in the morning, while your neighbors alarm goes of 5.30am for morning surf. 

But you'll love the intimacy, cause you know that in between all the noises you hear at night, and all the farts you share with your neighbors - there will be found precious friendships and long life memories.



One word which means thousands of different things for different people. We've all felt it at one point in life, some more than others. It shows up as this weird little thing that's so hard to explain and put into words.

I have this weird feeling in my stomach, is it because I'm hungry? Am I sick or what is it? What is this hard little ball inside my belly, where do you come from and what do you want?
You appear as a lump in my throat, then you slightly spread out while you paralyze my body. Meanwhile you make me say and do uncontrolled things. You're weird and I don't want you in my life yet you show up at the most inappropriate times.

I've always known you, kind of like a familiar face you pass, too rare to actually notice. But as I grew older it seemed like you've grown too. You show up more often, you've gotten a better grip on me. You make my heart beat faster than the creepiest horror movie. You want more and more of me but I promise you that I won't let you. You're no good for me, and I want to learn how to tame you!
I've seen how you can affect peoples lives, and I'll never let this happen to me. I can live with you being this weird stranger from the past, but you'll never be more than that!
I'm turning my back on anxiety! 



Being a person who’s in love with the world, i find it quite scary to return home. I always seek new adventures and I somehow find myself feeling better if I have my next adventure to look forward to.

But I want to be better at appreciating the past adventure just as much as appreciating the next, and I feel like this time i need to find peace at home before planning my next trip.

Being in love with the world isn’t without financial costs, and I’ve had a lot of questions from you guys who follow my trips asking how much I save up before going away, how i can effort it etc. I want to try and answer these questions in this post!

To be honest I am quite lucky with my financial status during studying, but i am a person who likes to have good savings, just in case. Therefore I’ve always saved up extra money just to go towards travelling.

I have a really small room in an apartment that I share with my brother, and meanwhile being vegetarian and not spending money on meat, i don’t use that much money on, for me “useless stuff”.

I have a job besides study and I'm good at selling old stuff from my wardrobe. I try my best to save up 300-450 USD each month, and I know this is a lot of money and many of you guys won’t be able to do that. I didn't think I would be able to either, but I always put my money straight into a savings account the second I get it and if I run out during the month I can always transfer back.

Also i am a person who hates to miss out on things, so I'd rather save up extra money so I’m able to attend birthdays, go on weekend trips, meanwhile still doing long travels. I am more or less travelling 3 months each year, and I'm not saying that should be the aim for everyone, that’s just what fits into my life. It can be just as thrilling travelling 1 month a year or 2 weeks!

For my latest trip, 7.5 week in Sri Lanka and Bali, I spend around 4,500 USD.
I would say that I definitely could have done this cheaper since I purchased a skateboard, got a tattoo and did do some shopping; I probably could have saved at least 700 USD if i wanted to. I would say that you’d be able to live in Asia for around 250 USD a week!

This has been a bit of a different blog post, and i actually enjoy doing a Q&A kind of post, so I want to urge you guys to send me questions either on Facebook, instagram or just a comment below, then i will do my best to answer.



7.5 weeks of travelling is about to come to an end - time to breath in all the experiences, friendships, vibes and lifetime memories.

As always when a trip is about to come to an end I get this weird feeling in my stomach. Did I get the most out of it? Did I surf as much as I was supposed to, did I see and experience as much as I wanted to?
I've felt tired and exhausted the last couple of days, and I think that's natural when you've traveled for so many weeks. You just need to stop up sometimes and tell yourself that it's ok to not leave your room for a day, or its ok to skip a party or a surf session.

It's something I want to be better at, I'm really the type of person who doesn't want to miss anything - but sometimes my body is more clever than my brain and it's important to listen to it!
I don't need to surf 5 hours a day to call myself a surfer, I don't need to explore everything the world has to offer in order to call myself a traveller.

It's time for me to stop caring and do whatever makes me happy. Sounds cliché, but it's as true as it's said.
I've had the time of my life - exploring Sri Lanka, as well as relaxing, surfing and catching up with friends in Bali. There's no way I could have had a better summer than the one I've had, and I owe a huge "thank you" to my Fisse-squad in Bali!

I think that I've laughed harder the last month than I have for the past year - always good times with the squad! Though saying goodbye is always sad, but I wanna focus on the good times and the fact that I know I will see everyone of you again soon! 

That this travel is coming to an end doesn't mean that I'm done writing and posting pictures from it - I have heaps in stock, due to lack of time by the computer.
So stay tuned for more sunshine stories 😊

"And when it was over - nothing defined us, other than the moments that made us feel free"



One of the most beautiful and precious things about traveling is the people you meet along your way.
You meet people in their very best element and that's when magic happens.

There's just something beautiful about people who are taken away from an everyday stressful routine, and find themselves in a coconut and palm tree kind of world. If you doubt humanity due to the evilness in world, go traveling - I swear you'll meet once in a lifetime kind of people here.
There's a lack of egoism in this kind of travel world, in which is so beautiful.

There's something special about the relationships you build when you travel, you can grow closer to someone you've just met in 1 week than you'd ever been in a 3 year of friendship at home. You do everything together, you laugh, you cry, you eat, you go to the toilet - everything.
Friends abroad are your family and you can definitely tell that.

This post is a shoutout to all the amazing people I've met abroad, some I don't talk to as often as I want to - but I still appreciate every single one of you, for enriching my life and encouraging me to travel more ❤️



3.5 years ago when a friend and I were backpacking through Asia we decided to go to Bali and had to try out that thing called surfing.
I booked a week at Lapoint with no idea that Lapoint was going to be my point of no return!

After a week at the camp I changed my flight home and stayed for yet another week at this amazing surfcamp surrounded by ricefields and located in this little surf village called Canggu.
I was so determined to learn how to surf that not only did I extend my trip, I took another gap year and booked my 3rd stay at Lapoint.

Since then I've been traveling back and forth between Lapoint camps, mostly based in Bali where I've joined the basic package after completing level 2 a few times. But hold on ladies and gentlemen; I'm so stoked to announce that right now i am joining, testing and trying out level 3! And so far it's awesome! You learn more about the timing and how to catch more waves, as well as receiving feedback on your style and reviewing video recordings of all your surfing afterwards.

I'm stoked to be a part of a surfcamp that actually embraces all levels in surfing. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner, want to learn more about surfing or you just want to learn how to be more stylish! Book a week at Lapoint now, you can find the destinations here and you can use my code: amdchre to get a 1/10 chance to get your stay for free.