whatsup guys as you all know by my livestream ive been talking about my struggle with my job and if you have same illness than me than you know how i feel ive been looking for work for so many years until i went to my job provider told her i felt with all of them keep saying the same answer over and over again (no,sorry your not unsuccessful) just keeps putting me down and feel angry but more depress then she went to places by places with my resume and calling up shops and it was interview after interview and still same answer even though i though i did well or did crap cuz i was so nervous and anxious and main issue is me being scared of what they think of me and i usually play ps3 n do youtube,blog and stream in my free time until this one interview changed everything that i made the job but when i stand around it makes me feel not good enough and there voices in my head i want to get up and do things all day and have fun then make friends hmm i need to improve better anyway here my 2 new youtube videos



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