​so as we all know halloween is coming up and you need to get ready for it and i mean shopping for decos and teats but mainly costumes there are so many good ones out there to choose and i mean for me its hard to choose what i want to be for halloween i usually tell my friends and family i want to be this n that for halloween so many times and there probably thinking just make up your mind and choose please all halloweens i've done ive trick or treated and just scaring people in public places like shops or cafes if gutless enough toilet paper your enemy's house or churches basically when you heard the meaning of halloween when spirits or dead or any sort of bad energy of soul they get one day to roam around and be free which sounds like us dressed as different things if it says on bible well there you go but i dont believe all things on there to me its a joke and really use to his punishes he done pfft BRING IT ON !!!! #happyhalloween #americanway 

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